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When the Eagles rolled out the #BlackSunday marketing campaign, which may or may not have come to be because Nike didn’t have green jerseys ready yet, Kyle praised the execution of the campaign, writing in October:

The planning, marketing and execution (both off the field and on) was akin to an Apple product launch. It seemed like every facet of the organization was in lockstep. The message was created and then backed up by the actual product.

But it’s not just us who paid attention to it. The Eagles won three American Advertising Awards, or ADDYs, for Digital Advertising – Social Media Campaign, Digital Advertising – Campaign, and Digital Advertising – Social Media, Single Platform Consumer. The first two, as you can see above, were all about the #BlackSunday thing, while the third was for the Eagles’ Snapchat account. I think the Sixers are coming for that last award next year.

You can read the rest of what Kyle said about the #BlackSunday campaign over here.