The Flyers Have Parted Ways with Goalie Coach Jeff Reese

Press release:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that goaltending coach Jeff Reese is no longer with the team, according to general manager Ron Hextall.

“It was a mutual agreement between both parties,” said Hextall. “Jeff was an integral part of our coaching staff for the past six seasons and we wish him well.”

Reese joined the Flyers in 2009 after eight seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning coaching staff, including the Lightning’s 2004 Stanley Cup Championship.

The team will have no further comment.

Oh, terse.

I never understood why Reese was always spoken so highly of. He was here for six years and during that time was the position coach for Michael Leighton, Brian Boucher, Sergei Bobrovsky, Ilya Bryzgalov, Steve Mason, Ray Emery and a few others. Bryz was a bust, Bobrovsky left and then won a Vezina, Mason is inconsistent, and the others kinda stink (not Reese’s fault). If anything, his turning Leighton into a professional caliber goalie for three months might have been his finest achievement (still should’ve worked more on the near side though, eh?). But still, Reese was always spoken highly of in Flyers circles and I never understood it. Odd timing, though. He’s pulled some good performances out of Emery and Jim Morris Rob Zepp this year. Of course, he’s better than the useless Rejean Lemelin. You talk about overseeing a bunch of stiffs… talk about that guy.

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18 Responses

  1. Michael Leighton holds the AHL record for most saves in a single game- 98- against the Phantoms in an overtime playoff game.

  2. Mason inconsistent? Maybe last year but certainly not this year. He has been a stud this year and also has to play behind a laughable group of d-men.

    1. Mason is the definition of inconsistent. Anyone who thinks he is a “stud” probably said the same about Robert Esche, Brian Boucher and Michael Leighton.

      1. Mason’s sv% since joining the flyers is .922 (only including full seasons). The league average sv% is .916. He is an above average goalie since being with the flyers not to mention this year where he is in the top 5 in sv%. But im guessing “facts” really dont do anything for someone like you.

  3. I was looking forward to you ripping the Flyers beat writers again over this. This apparently happened yesterday, as Mason is quoted today as saying “it was hard to prepare for yesterday’s game” with Reese having left, and yet none of the beat writers picked up on it at all. I know it snowed, but they were there in the locker room. As usual, if it isn’t in a Flyers press release they don’t notice it.

  4. It’s not just in Flyers circles that Reese is spoken highly of. It’s across the NHL. I would take their word as more knowledgeable than yours.

    Reese had no say in personnel, so he worked with what he had. He can’t help that he didn’t have great (or in Bob’s case, undeveloped) goalies to work with. And then from Bryz through till now with Mason, Reese couldn’t do anything about the dumpster fire that was/is the defense in front of the goalie.

    I don’t know how good Reese is, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when everyone around the league respects him. Time will tell if the team suffers because of this.

  5. Funny. They get rid of the goalie coach, but the goalie that gave up the worst goal in Flyer history, basically an outside the blue line shot in a crucial playoff goal in 95 unscreened is the G.M. I should know. I fired the shot.

  6. I’m not takin that “Inconsistent” bait.

    last night the Flyers took on a bigger stronger team and won the game.

    Bernie hit on my wife outside our luxury suite last year. ” Hey baby, hows it goin ?”

    1. Yeah and in other recent games, they’ve taken on smaller, weaker teams and lost. They always play up or down to their competiton. Some would call that “inconsistency.” Consistent teams don’t have barely more points in the standings than games played.

  7. To call the team inconsistent is one thing, but to call Mason that is barking up the wrong tree. He’s top 5 in save percentage throughout the whole league this season and when he plays is one of the best players out there for the team. The team’s goaltending is inconsistent because Mason has been injured a bit this season but the man in question? Absolutely not.

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