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… to snap you a picture of Bill Raftery’s onions.

No but for realstons, the Final Four is coming to Snapchat as part of the app’s “Our Story” feature, which aggregates snaps from specific events for public consumption. From The Verge:

Snapchat will monetize the NCAA stories by selling brand sponsorships for each of them. Revenues will reportedly be divided between Snapchat, the sports leagues, and broadcasters showing the games on TV. If all goes to plan, the new addition to Our Story will launch with the Final Four, but future NCAA sporting events will also be featured. Snapchat debuted the Our Story feature last year after trial runs at an EDM music festival and the World Cup. In the latter instance, the company lacked any rights deals for covering the World Cup, but apparently the unsanctioned approach isn’t one Snapchat wants to take any longer. In January, Snapchat unveiled Discover, another new feature that showcases content from news and entertainment partners like CNN, Comedy Central, and ESPN.

Our Story is actually pretty awesome– I first noticed it as part of some PGA event earlier this winter (can’t remember which), when Snapchat curated a bunch of videos of the crowd’s reaction to a hole-in-one. It was oddly captivating. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like to have around for the crazy reactions of, say, Roy Halladay’s Postseason no-hitter.

Expect to see more of this kind of thing. Snapchat is ambitious about being more than the greatest invention ever for horny college kids. They’ve partnered with major outlets and networks like ESPN, CNN and Food as part of their Discover section, which gets crazy advertising rates (upwards of $150 CPM), and now they’re striking deals with sports leagues (yes, the NCAA). Love this idea. It’s only a matter of time before it comes to the NFL and MLB. Speaking of, we need to up our Snapchat and Meerkat games around here. Follow on Snapchat– crossingbroad. Can’t wait to snap my celebration photos from Indy!