The Sixers Are Just Hanging at the White House

via Luc Mbah a Moute on Instagram
via Luc Mbah a Moute on Instagram

The formal trip to the White House — where you present the current President with a jersey and all — is reserved for the team that wins the NBA title. But that doesn’t mean the Sixers can’t just get dressed in their nicest suits (and Joel Embiid’s super expensive sneakers) for a little visit. They’re just getting the lay of the place so they feel at home when they (the three or four who are still here) bring that jersey in 2018 … ish.

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24 Responses

    1. 94wip’s Jody Mac is clearly the most negative guy in town.I don’t know if it’s because he’s a New Yorker,or he just despises Philly teams,but you best believe when he’s on the air,get ready for a lot of anti Philly sports rants from this clown.

      1. I heard him on 660 AM (is it still called the fan?) last week, so he is still a NYer. He was also ripping the Mets too!

    1. Is Furkan considered a token white guy?? I forget where he is from – Turkey? Latvia? Ah what the hell, I don’t feel like googling these things either. Just like doofus above.

      1. Been telling him that for years. Did you know he I caught him spanking his dinky to my old Sears catalog?

  1. All of them utter Failures who happened to be at the White House at the same time.. The Sixers only stayed about an hour though.. the other Pathetic Loser will still be there for 19 more months

    1. The first president of the US to be a man of color is a pathetic loser? Ummm, last time I checked, if you make it as president of the US that’s considered a win. Not to mention forever hailed as a hero to black Americans for all time. You probably have a meaningless job where you could be replaced by a pretty smart pigeon.

  2. I thought this was #EngagementWeek??? Have I missed Jim showing up in the comments somewhere? And, bad news for Kyle, looks like the commenters didn’t even show up yesterday, either.

  3. Is today the day Jim does AMA???

    How about an annct at to timing ? I’m
    Clearing my schedule for this one !!!

    Jim: let me start the bidding and offer up the first question …

    Your writing style, content and format suggest you are painfully lazy, entitled and lack even a basic understanding of sports. Do you have 3 year plan? I mean, cutting/pasting (poorly) for somebody else at $50k can’t be a bad gig for now – but it doesn’t really lead you anywhere. Follow?

  4. Not sure how the Obama curse will affect them, but I hope Joel keeps an eye out for pianos falling out of tall buildings.

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