The Sixers Were an Answer on Jeopardy Tonight

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You can remove that “was” Trebek. I don’t know when you filmed the episode, but really, you could’ve gone out of that limb.


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  1. Could’ve gone out of that limb? You write two sentences and you still manage to fuck up the English language. How did you get this job?

    1. Think you for concert. Here at Crossing Borad, we take your complements very serially. Sometimes we sacrifice spit for Acura sea. In the futre, we will try our beast note to make miss steaks.

      Think You.
      Crossing Broad Editer>

  2. Never mind the Sixers. At least they play better than Temple.

    Is that ass-clown Fran Dunphy still posting here, instead of devising a way for his team, his school, and himself to salvage at least 1 shred of dignity?

    1. Nah he’s been on a nonstop radio “Wallow In Self Pity” tour of 94wip and 97.5 the fanatic.I swear if I hear one more Temple alum bitching and moaning about Temple getting shafted from the tournament my head will explode.These manginas sound worse than a woman in labor.

      1. Dunph is all class for going on every radio station in the Delaware Valley during these oh, soooo depressing days for Temple alums.

        It’s not like it’s part of his job to, ya know, represent the program 24/7.

  3. Wow Jim, Kyle is really giving you the heavy-hitting, super important articles. AND you still found a way to fuck it up. Color me shocked…

  4. You all most went 2 sentences without an error, Jim.

    Kyle, I find it hilarious you make fun of my tenuous grasp of the English language and employ Jim at the same time.

    1. Great show yesterday! I really loved that bit when you called 97.5 to see if Martinez would talk to you.

      That minute of dead air on the radio was the most compelling thing you have done since you got to Philly.

  5. Jesus Christ Jim. Hurry and go to the doctor, you must be having a stroke. Oh wait, they don’t last a year or more.

    I don’t know who’s dumber, you or the guy employing you.

  6. To bad the answer wasn’t:

    “This dumbass writer somehow defies logic and is still employed by an equally dumbass blog”

  7. If you remove the “was” it makes about as much sense as your sentence does, Jim.

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