The Timberwolves Signed a Guy from the Delaware 87ers Because He was the Closest Guy they Could Find

Throughout the season, the Sixers have been accused of fielding a roster that barely qualifies as an NBA team, but the Minnesota Timberwolves had to sign a member of the Delaware 87ers last night because they literally couldn’t field a roster that qualified as an NBA team. According to Deadspin, the Wolves only had 7 available players going into last night’s game at Madison Square Garden, one shy of the NBA’s minimum. So what could they do? Literally find the closest player. Enter the 87ers’ Sean Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick, who previously worked out for the Wolves, was notified just after his 87ers practice that the Knicks Wolves were signing him to a 10-day contract and he drove up to New York just in time for tip-off. “We had to fulfill our rules,” Flip Saunders said. “So we had to go find somebody that was within a train ride away.” And Kilpatrick got his NBA call up, all because the Westchester Knicks were on the road to South Dakota.

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36 Responses

  1. Well Jim. Which fucking team signed him? Was it the Timberwolves, like you stated in the title of the article and the first paragraph? Or was it the Knicks like you state in the second part of the article. Jesus Christ, is this shit even edited before you click post?

  2. Hey Jim – Would love to have you on the show with @TonyBrunoShow and @JoshInnesRadio on WIP. Please DM me or reply to my request. You know I am the producer for the Into The Night show with @TonyBrunoShow.

    Gotta run, I have to stalk Mike Miss twitter account to see if anyone is talking about Tony.

  3. If you 3 would of read it correctly he was signed by the wolves the westchester Knicks would of been the first team they signed from because they’re actually the closest team but they were on a road trip so the wolves had to get em from Delaware.

    1. That may be true, but reading it again does not make it clear.

      For instance, the first time Jim referenced the Knicks was in the following sentence “Kilpatrick, who previously worked out for the Wolves, was notified just after his 87ers practice that the Knicks were signing him to a 10-day contract and he drove up to New York just in time for tip-off.”

      So does that mean that the Worchester Knicks signed him to a contract? That wouldn’t make any sense.

  4. My grandson Rusty hates the fact that you always post boring shit after Kyle posts something good. It’s annoying to have to scroll past ur dump shit to get to kyles radio war post.

  5. More annoying: 1) white dude at end of bench in college basketball..2) real Bob..3) Informed…hashtag morefakeBob.

    1. 4) Me not hooking up with basketball analyst’ Kenny “The Jet” Smith’s beautiful r&b singing daughter Brianna.
      Man she looks so good she make me wanna have her baby.

  6. Wow this article was interesting, when i read about it on deadspin, hours before crossingbroad got around to it. Keep Up the ‘Good Work’ guys, you are working very hard! You fellas don’t miss a beat! Go Cats!

  7. I tired posting an espn article about the mayor of Dallas saying he hated the eagles for you guys to use (steal) earlier but it’s still not up……what’s up with that?

  8. Jim really does a great job. This post about a sixers d league player is a lot better than oh I don’t know ….. Eagles legend chuck bednarick dying.

    Keep up the good work Jim.

    Kyle, replace Jim

    1. You have to give them some time so they can do research and figure out who that guy is

      I’m sure you can find it in the middle of monday’s roundup

    2. Don’t you know this site is closed on week-ends, unless it is a post about Villanova basketball.

      Unless they lose today, then it will stay dark out of mourning.

      Fear not, Bednarik’s obit will be cut and pasted at the bottom of the Monday Round-up

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  10. But Obama had them in the championship game?!?! This can’t be happening! Maybe he can issue an executive order to fix it. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAJAJAHAJAHAHAHAHAHAH. NOVA BLOWS


    Second best team in the country, huh Kyle? Another one win tournament for choke artist Jay Wright and co.

    Hope those plane tickets to Indy are refundable. I guess the rest of us still have trouble objectively analyzing villanova basketball, but you’ve got it all figured out.

    Suck it, Kyle. At lest Jay wright has nice suits through right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Hahahahaha what a joke!

    Nova nation you can’t buy wins or a final four appearance. You spoiled p.os.

    Jay wright is overrated.

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