Tom McCarthy Lost His Mind on the Radio Call of Georgia State’s Game-Winner

Dude’s been holding all of that energy in during Phillies broadcasts because … well … there’s nothing to be excited about.

h/t reader Taylor


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  1. Did anyone see Miss Robin trolling Conner Barwin on Twitter asking him to go on WIP. Even I’m embarrassed.

    Hey Robin you don’t work here. Go bake a pie or something.


    1. You even copy and pasted it on this one? Holy hell you’re as much of a fuck tard as the real Andy Bloom.

  2. She does it to everyone on there including mike miss and myself. Even when the conversation has nothing to do with her. She just butts in. It’s actually comical. But very pathetic. Very very pathetic.

  3. He’s actually a great announcer if you are neutral about the game. I can’t stand him calling Phillies games. But he does a great job on CBS for NFL games. And he does a great job for playoff NFL games on the radio. You can actually follow the game. He’s way better at football than Merril Reese.

    1. “Tom McCarthy excitedly calls amazing play; maintains enough composure to accurately describe scene” doesn’t really get pageviews though.

      1. Yeah. And your incredibly hilarious handle made even LESS sense. Smh. Stupid cuhnt

  4. My favorite of all time; I was driving home and had a Sixers game on (yeah, I know), and Spencer Hawes blocks a layup or something and the call was “shots up, blocked, and Spencer Hawes says you can’t do that to me, I’m SPENCER HAWESSS”. I almost drove off the road. I decided it was not safe to listen to any Sixers game he called. I swear I heard that.

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