Unveiling the Philly Sports Media Field of 64 Brackets

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The ball is tipped, and there you are, running for your life, you’re a… late-night fill-in host.

It’s here. The Philly Sports Media Field of 64. There’ve been some changes. An all-new voting system will attempt to weed out fraud. Our bracket host has folded (quite possibly because of the hosting bill they got last April) and forced us to switch to a fancier, embeddable, HTML 5 bracket. Holler! And we’ve combined the radio regions into one – no more struggling to get 16 seeds out of 97.5’s ever-changing lineup – which of course leaves rooms for an all-new region: Broadcast.

As is now tradition, the winner of the tournament – Ray Didinger – will be retired and enshrined in our Hall of Fame a Pages doc in a sub-folder hidden deep in my filing system. Congratulations to Ray.

The selection show will stream live on MEERKAT at 12:45 p.m. Check back then for the link. [Watch live!] Follow Jim (@JimIsLame) for the selections as they happen. We’ll also post the brackets here. There will be a full bracket breakdown tomorrow as well as first round voting. WHO WILL DANCE TO GLORY THIS MARCH?! WILL THE SHOE FIT ON CINDERELLA? WILL MIKE MISSANELLI LITERALLY KNOCK OUT JOSH INNES IN THE FIRST WEEKEND?! Stay tuned.

The full brackets are now after the jump.


Voila_Capture 2015-03-17_11-23-18_AM


Voila_Capture 2015-03-17_11-23-29_AM


Voila_Capture 2015-03-17_11-23-39_AM


Voila_Capture 2015-03-17_11-23-49_AM

Here is your full bracket.


95 Responses

    1. Oh My

      The Radio Bracket is the weakest in tournament history. Looks more like an NIT Bracket.Woof

  1. The only seeds Josh Innes cares about are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

        1. Tannenwald is insufferable. There is a reason he’s confined to philly.com

  2. Jon Marks is a smug little girl. He whines about everything and always negative about every move. He makes that Wigga Brace likable.

      1. That wimp Sean Brace should be in a coal mine working, rather than poisoning radio.

  3. First I marry Colleen Wolfe and then I’m an 8 here? I gotta go play the lottery because I’m apparently lucky as all get out.

    1. I can understand forgetting you, you pompous douchebag. Your parents forgot about you long ago.

      But me? How do you forget about me??

      Guss I will go try to pick a fight with McClane again.

  4. The amount of times Josh Innes mentions his Second round matchup with Mikey Miss on his show.

    Over/Under: 19.5

  5. How in the hell is Anthony Gargano a #3 seed when he’s no longer on the air Kyle?And Tom McGinnis only a #16 seed are you out of your mind?Yo have Matt Stairs ahead of Tom McGinnis you dope McGinnis runs circles around both Merrill Reese and Matt Stairs.

    1. Kyle’s no genius . He has squeaky voice Jim Jackson #1 . Hey Jim when the Flyers score a goal lets sound like a man and not a little girl. Ok Big guy.

      And how did I miss the field. Kyle is a dope,a moron and a nitwit.

  6. I don’t understand the seeds. How is Merrill Reese a 5? He’s the best person in the tournament and it’s not really close.

    How is Tom McGinnis a 16? im not gonna say it im not gonna say it im not gonna say it im not gonna- ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?

      1. Totally agree… Took me until my late 20s to realize it but he’s basically Spadaro with a less annoying voice.

        1. merrill reese said eagles defensive coordinator billy davis will be a head coach in the NFL in the next few years. WTF

      2. Yup, totally agree. Franzke is the only one worth a damn. Merrill is good during the play, however in between plays he’s pretty annoying, but I do like him strictly because he’s been a part of some good memories. Mcginnis is obnoxious and tries too hard to be over the top. Tim Saunders and Jim Jackson have the worst goal calls, plus they fake out the listener by making a non play sound like a close call. Jackson’s home run calls are bad too (gone! goodbye!…hey Jim, gone is sufficient.) Man I sound like a miserable prick. I apologize.

  7. seriously. how the hell is that coward even a 13th seed. He shouldn’t even be in the play-in game Kyle cmon now. worst radio ive heard in 10 years

  8. I’ll post my bracket winners in a bit.

    Except for years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 … my March Madness picks have been Golden!

  9. Thank God Leila Rahimi is not in this bracket. Her kermit the frog sounding voice makes me turn of CSN every time. I’d rather jam a knife in my ear than listen to her over “broadcast” her voice. We need to run her out of town.

  10. Does having a 1 seed mean you are good? If so, Jim Jackson is the most egregious seeding error in this mix. JJ is just an impossible to like d bag. Little hockey knowledge and “homer” status is off the charts

    1. Oh My

      Im not a Jim Jackson guy either. Strictly broadcasting wise I think his Phillies hire was bad and forced. A philly sports fan listens to him 9 months out of the year via Flyers. Really you have to cram him into the Phillies season to? Do we really need 12 months of Jim Jackson? NO!!!!!

  11. Sheil Kapdia as a #1 seed – this is the guy who writes Eagles. I mean he is OK but surpised he made the bracket at all – let alone a #1 seed.

    What am I missing?

  12. I would have upgraded Ike Reese to a 15 seed if his interview questions didnt drag on for like 3 minutes.

  13. How the FUCK is my man Merrill Reese not a #1 seed? Factually, a top 3 seed in his bracket.

    McGinnis > Jackson, all day. Certainly not deserving of that 16 seed. The team? Yes. McGinnis? Fuck no. If the Sixers were solid, people would hold him in the same regard as LA & Franzke.

  14. Jillian Mele Baby!!!!!!!!! Upset City Baby!!!!!!!!.Diaper Dandy!!!!!!1 Let me tell ya Jillian has a great rack I mean goes to the rack and shes anything but light in the cakes Baby!!!! .

    Get Me Outta Here Im going Insane!!!!!!

  15. Why is Reuben Frank a 14 seed??? Gargano a 2 seed?? Amy Fadool a 7 seed? That`s really bad, Why is Barkann a 2 seed and head of CSN? I see lotsa upsets this year…

  16. Hmm guess I’m the only one that likes Sean Brace. I wanted Phil from MT airy just so I could cross him out.

  17. then he should be man enough to accept our comments on his stupid bar podcast.

    1. Not being from Philadelphia isn’t the reason I don’t like this Stern wanna-be.

      I don’t like him because he sucks massively.

  18. How in the hell is Jody Mac even on this list? Can’t stand him at all. Should have given his spot to Joe Decamera.

  19. GARGANO? What’s that douche doing here? He’s unemployed.

    At least Rhea is a 15th seed this year (as she should be), not a top 4.


  20. Wow, Danny Pommels is lower than know-nothings like Daniels, Baicker, Mele, and Apody? It sucks to be him.

  21. Whazzup Kyle? Did Leslie Goodell and Dee Lyman call and threaten legal action if you enabled their objectification for a 2nd straight year?


  22. My personal bracket

    1 Eating
    16 Philly sports knowledge
    8 Letting Tony Bruno talk
    9 Talking about myself
    4 Houston sports
    13 Getting along with my co-workers
    5 LSU
    12 Beating 76ers games head-to-head in the ratings
    6 “Breath of fresh air”
    11 Getting sponsors that aren’t strip clubs
    3 St. Louis Cardinals
    14 Eating healthy food
    7 Pretending to care about Philly sports
    10 Kissing Andy Bloom’s ass
    2 Food
    15 Having a tolerable personality

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