Villanova is Projected as a Top Seed in March Madness and Kyle Needs a Minute

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova’s men’s basketball team is having a hell of a year. After defeating Providence and Xavier (and watching Gonzaga lose to BYU), they now occupy the #4 spot in the top 25 and may be set to land at the top of a bracket in the March Madness tournament as a #1 seed.

With a 27-2 record, NBCSports’ Bracketology has projected Nova to take the #1 seed in the West. They also put Temple on the wrong side of the bubble. It would be the Wildcats’ first number one seed since 2006, when they played their first two rounds in Philadelphia and made it to the Elite Eight. And yes, this post would have a lot more hype and hyperbole if Kyle wrote this, but he passed out upon hearing this news because all of his blood rushed … somewhere.


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    1. let me guess, you’re an owls fan. i have to say that i get great amusement from hearing nova snobs and temple fucktards rip each other, their schools, and their teams. it’s like an argument of who is the tallest midget in the circus. as tourney time rolls around, i am sure the entertainment will only increase. keep up the great work!

  1. They didn’t put Temple on the wrong side of shit Adair, you assclown. Temple is obviously expected to lose to the #4 team in the country. Teams like St. Joes and UNLV put Temple on the bubble, but they most definitely aren’t on the wrong side of it as of now.

      1. this daily posts cracks me up because i have been listening closely the last two days for morganti to say “huh?” during the morning show.

  2. Hope that mock doesn’t have inside info on temple. All the others have them in. Semi-comfortably.

  3. Hey we should have a CB commentors bracket party!!!

    We could play “spin the bottle” but instead of kissing each other, we can eat each others assholes!!

  4. The following teams I actively root for:
    St. Joe’s

    If your team isn’t mentioned,go to hell!

    1. The following I couldn’t give two sideways fucks about:
      Skippy’s routing interests.

  5. Can see my battle tested owls making a run to the sweet 16. Dunph will have the boys ready to go

    1. Crosby sucks. Almost as bad as scoring 39 points in 40 minutes against almight Tulsa.

  6. Villanova is the equivalent of 90s Atlanta Braves Baseball. Usually relevant, but always disappointing. At least the braves won a championship during that run, which is something that will never be said for these nova squads.

    Nova’s garbage 80s championship (aka snooze fest) of dribbling out the clock with a cokehead point guard was a fucking fake championship.

    1. And what team do you like? My guess is that you either went to school or pull for the team that has never had any on/off court issues and has consistently won championships.. oh wait that team doesn’t exist. So enlighten us with more of your views.

      “Nova’s garbage 80s championship (aka snooze fest) of dribbling out the clock with a cokehead point guard was a fucking fake championship.” Laughable thought process.

    1. You obviously know nothing about basketball and are incapable of 2nd level thinking.

      1. Who have they beat this year?
        They lost to SETON HALL… REALLY!

        TOP WINS-
        Butler: Ranked 21st, only solid road win
        Providence: Ranked 24th, but they suck too
        Michigan: Currently unranked
        VCU: Currently unranked
        St. Johns: Currently unranked
        Georgetown: Currently unranked (& lost to them by 20)

        1. Are you serious?? Here’s a little fact for you, since you know nothing about sports.

          Out of the top 25 teams only two school have 6 wins against the RPI 1-25 ( that means 6 wins against schools ranked 1-25. Kansas and Villanova!!

          Who have they played!?!? Well they won 6 games games against top 25 teams and are winning the Big east outright a conference which is ranked second in RPI and SOS(Strength of Schedule)


    1. I want a rematch, you retahhhded pussy! You sucker punched me that day at the pahhhk. I remember kicking your ass everyday in kindergahhhten!

        1. Hey Will, you’re not a genius. You’re a piece of shit. I bailed you out of jail and you never paid me back. Then you go and ditch two interviews I had set up for you. I hope your piece of shit car broke down on the way to Stanford, deadbeat!

  7. Seeing as Kyle never rights about Nova on a weekly basis and just posts when they do something good, I’ll say this coming from a guy who went to Nova and goes to every game. Kyle should start writing about them it’s not like Philly sports have that much exciting going on.

    Also I’m throwing Kyle on the bandwagon team. Go Nova only when they are making headlines!! Kyle it just shows me that you can’t write anything yourself.

    Copy and Paste Kyle, Copy and Paste….

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