Vote Now: PSMFO64 First Round– TV, Broadcast

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29 Responses

    1. My friend join me and other like-minded individuals,on my prisonplanet and infowars websites.

    2. I agree Josh needs to go back to Georgia. He has no right to bash our teams & athletes. Fires me up so bad when I hear him bashing our players.
      Clown show

        1. Hahaha. Why is Charles from the Northeast SO DAMN ANGRY? I swear he is going to have a coronary live on air one of these nights.

    3. What up Brunos, what up Innesses? I’m a Lakers and Yankees fan calling up on Philly radio yo. People only get enjoyment outta me because they think I’m retarded #YO

  1. Jill Mele takes as many selfies as KC McKansasCity does yet we don’t rag on her at all. Why is that?

    1. Her demeanor was completely self-absorbed and she is completely IN LOVE with herself. She carries herself with a tremendous air of arrogance.

      Jillian Mele’s demeanor is much more grounded and conservative, which is why I think she resonates better with the animals that comment here, haha.

      But CHRIST ALMIGHTY, enough with the video selfie-stick.

      1. lmao at think -“she resonates better with the animals that comment here”

    1. I have a close friend who has a friend that slept with her. Apparently she is a one position dead fish.

      I was disappointed to hear this.

  2. I may be late on this but the seedings are whack. McGinnis (16) brings un-matched energy to his (solo) broadcast. And Quick (14) is an icon. An Eagles broadcast wouldn’t sound right without him. McCarthy is too prominent to be 15. These first round matchups ruin the tourney.

  3. Two points:

    1) Kyle should probably post when voting is going to end.

    2) These rankings, specifically for TV and Broadcast, are terrible.

  4. Any matchups that you want in this side of the bracket Kyle?

    Just want to know so I don’t throw away my vote when you change the results.

    1. I am so dissapointed with this site right now. Kyle rigging the votes just to get a matchup he wanted. I was excited when I went to bed last night knowing that scumbag Innes was getting eliminated. But I was also concerned since he never announced when voting would end and had a feeling something like this would happen. I guess the answer was just as soon as he was able to rig the vote enough to get what he wanted he would shut it down. Then we get no explanation from Kyle, but instead get gloating how he couldn’t wait for the matchup he rigged to get happen??? What a humongous C U Next Thursday!!!!

  5. Ahh Ahh Ahhh Where am I? I mean Ahh Ah a man. I’m uh glad Jillian left it was very hard to say her name. Hope she didn’t mind me calling her Jill. Welp I’ll be back at 25 after the hour see ya in a half hour. Huh?

  6. Kyle this whole thing has jumped the shark. Clearly it is rigged this year and the new poll works on some browsers, doesnt work on others. I would take this and bury it in the backyard with the summer golf tournmanet.

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