Vote Now: PSMFO64 Second Round


Second round voting. Takes place between now and 12 p.m. on Wednesday.

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Vote after the jump.

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71 Responses

  1. Can’t wait until Innes gets all his fan boys on here to vote for him and then carries on like he accomplished something when he wins. What a tool.

  2. is Jim gonna get 200+ votes overnight again? This whole tournament is a fucking joke after you rigged the first round Kyle.

    1. I can picture Jim getting a big head in 2 years and leaving CB to start his own site…then admitting to all the shady behind the scenes shit like rigging the ballots.

    2. I agree. And still no word from KYLE on the 300 plus votes that night that all went to Innes. Very shady. Million buck says Innes wins again thanks to hundreds of fake votes. But not to worry. His heart can’t take much more fast food binges.

      1. What does he gain by rigging the votes? I doubt Godfather Locks is pulling for Josh Innes so much that they make a phone call to Kyle.

        -Godfather: Kyle, I see you have Mikey Miss against Josh. You know what I need you to do. Or else…. I won’t advertise here anymore

        -Kyle: No problem. Let me change this 3 to a 300 and boom. Innes wins, I win, bye bye student loans.

  3. How many astro-turf votes can that fat-fucking pig Innes muster up?

    BTW: why is he always so angry and super-defensive when anyone dares talk about how bad the cowboys are?

  4. *yawn*

    More nonsensical content. Is there a purpose to this?

    Has Arbitron, Birch, or Nielsen reached out to you for this critical research?

    This is one of your worst Mondays in recent memory, boys.

  5. So Kyle, has Nova Nation taken to the streets burning your “V” t shirts yet? Round of 32, wow, just wow…

  6. I guess March Madness doesn’t continue for CB now that Villanova tripped over their media-elongated dicks.

    Where’s the actual SPORTS coverage?

  7. Who’s heart goes out first? Mike is on borrowed time after his first heart attack but Innes looks like he is eating his way to his grave as well.

  8. Tune in today. He will tell you about it. If you can’t make it today, tune in tomorrow – he will tell you about it again.

    He likes Alt music – that means he is really, really cool.

    1. Seriously, what is up with an old man latching on to “alt” music? And then I love how he goes, “hey Martinez, why do you listen to rock music? You are such an old loser, why dont you come with me to the Arcade Fire concert?”

      1. I honestly don’t know who’s musical taste I despise more….Mikey Miss still trying to stay young or Innes being a self proclaimed Nickelback fan. I guess the old guy trying to be hip is the lesser of those two evils.

  9. Who seriously cares? Isn’t there something more to comment on that the people who comment about sports? Like, actually writing sports articles.

  10. Team Fadool here all the way. She will shock the world as a #7 seed and win the tournament because she’s the smartest Sports Anchor in the City!

    1. I like (and voted for) Amy Fadool also…but “smartest sports anchor in the city”? You write that as if there are a bunch of Rhodes Scholars reading off a teleprompter at the Comcast Sportsdesk down the the WF Center.

      So you’re saying she’s smarter than that meathead John Clark? Congrats! The guy still gets a shore house in Avalon for God’s sake.

  11. Do you think there are any extremely overrated#1 seeds in this? The kind that will lose in disgusting fashion in the second round?

  12. Missanelli is up by slightly less than 250 votes…so Innes will wind up winning by about 300, with most of his votes cast between midnight and 6a.m.

    Fucking fraud bracket.

    Tommorrow’s special guest on Dumpster Fire Radio on 94WIP: Kyle Scott

    1. So if Mike wins it is fixed.

      There can be no other explanation.

      I voted for certain people. If they don’t win I will spend the next few days calling bs, becuase i have nothing better to do.

      Thanks for playing.

      I sure am glad I am off today and yesterday and tomorrow and next week and next month and last month and……

      1. Of all of the commenters who post exactly what I am saying…or just post the same thing over and over decided to troll me.

        I’m touched.

        Well, not really.

        But enjoy yourself anyway. And if you get bored, I am sure Bob needs a keyboard buddy.

  13. Innes tears will be so delicious when I blow a load tomorrow afternoon following his defeat. Team Fadool

  14. Morganti can only win when he goes against someone who doesn’t work there anymore (or anywhere else apparently).

    1. Exactly. Can’t this game just get end-stage syphilis and they both get knocked out? And Good Lawd that pic of Mikey Miss. The pink striped polo, unbuttoned one down too many, rolled sleeves, no undershirt. Like he’s pledging Beta Chi. What are you, 50? C’mon – I’m at least 15 years younger than you and I can dress myself like a man.
      I thought every one of the journalist group was pretty tough to choose. As long as we get Ron Burke, a Marc Zumoff and Michael Barkann out, I’ll be happy. Those two need some extra time to work on new schticks, their shit is tired. And Tim Saunders is the worst. I almost root for the Flyers to get shut out just so he doesn’t do that stupid falsetto goal call. Grow some balls, dude.

      1. Is Barkann done at WIP? Last week he and Ike argued at a remote broadcast according to a poster here. Friday Rob Cherry said he would work Barkann’s shift this week and Ike said you weren’t supposed to say that. Today Josh Innes left his radio on at home for his dog to listen to his voice on the radio but complained that the dog would have to hear Barkann before his show. Now Macnow is with Ike all week.

        1. Barkann is OK as a TV studio host but he cannot carry a radio show with only Ike Reese as a counterweight. His schtick is tiresome. I get that he has been around forever but that does not entitle him to whatever plum job he wants because he is a local name. He is becoming a slightly less annoying version of Chris Berman.

  15. Guys, guys…come on. Lay off Josh. Lest we forget that he’s young and has a family and they could see these horrible, horrible things that are getting written about him. Pretty soon, Kyle will ban the word “fat” from being used in the comments.

  16. Innes main detraction is that he is fat on these boards. Take a look at the number of chins on Missanelli’s neck in that picture. Also he loves alt.

  17. He had to beg his girlfriend to come down on Wed. Right now it’s a sausage fest with Martinez, his wife and Mike as the third wheel.

  18. Once again the spotlight is on The Baton Rouge/Houston/ Fat ass Nobody. And says Several Times He Loves This City But Don’t Know a Fucking Thing About History Of Philly. All he Know To Talk about is Tell The Listeners how bad it is in Houston They treat me so bad every single Day i Know Child abuse is a crime.

  19. I want to thank my fans that support me on the radio, and on sites like this. I also want to say to the people who unfairly criticize me, that working live on the air every afternoon is not easy. I put together a show each day that is originaland fun, and I really care about fair, accurate reporting. Finally, to anyone that has something personal to say to me, you can find me on Tues and Thurs evenings after the show, doing a side gig at Macy’s on Broad and Market. I’ve turned the middle stall on the first floor men’s bathroom (near the eagle) into a glory hole and I spend about four hours a night working there. It’s where I try new things before I put them on the radio. Bruno works the door, and he keeps people in line. You can tell me what you’re thinking while I’m in the glory hole, working on you and others. It’s not a bad gig, unless of course I get too many homeless people in a row. I often need a break when that happens. Feel free to stop down anytime. I’m sure I can satisfy you.

    1. Take Your Wackass To Comedy Central With That Bullshit Innes. You Have No Fans Tony And Adam Are Not Fan Their Your CoWorkers Chunky

  20. Who’s your quarterback in 2015!?!?!?

    Who’s your quarterback in 2016!?!?!?

    Same old tired shit for 3 months, every….fucking….day…….

  21. Now if chuck Bednarik would have puked on a little girl like me he would have received some death recognition…..

  22. wright the tool is on mikey miss’s show saying that nothing needs to change in his program….what a tool…..smug and a lousy coach

  23. How the hell is that NO TALENT John Clark winning? He wants MICHAEL BARKANN`S JOB,Clark will have to learn have to YELL and come up with cool nicknames for Marcus Hayes…I wanna see a Mac and Mac final

  24. I don’t get the support Bruno gets. I know he’s an old Philly guy, but he seriously has no idea about anything. He talks nonsense

  25. When I click “read more” it just brings me to the results. It doesn’t let me vote. This is happening on my (home) computer and my phone in multiple browsers.

    What gives, Kyle?

  26. Take a good look at the eight names in the radio bracket games.

    How do ANY of these fucking people have a job in a major radio market?

    I get Bruno had national exposure, but he has devolved into a caricature of himself.

    Missanelli’s only national exposure was in NY with that asshole SAS.

    The rest of them….Jesus Christ, they are pathetic.

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