Vote Now: PSMFO64 Sweet 16

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55 Responses

        1. I’d rather have 3 sunglasses on forward than one around the back of my neck. That’s total douche-ness! This guy is still a tool though. Missanelli is a pussy.

        1. I’ll bet you look absolutely stunning too, princess. Are you also wearing her heels? Marvelous!

  1. Aaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    PS: Kyle, do a recap of your bracket lol. Embarrassing.


  2. How did Sean “Id take Brett Favre over Sam Bradford” Brace get eliminated? This bracket is fixed. With dynamite analysis like that he shouldve gotten a bye straight to the final four

    1. Suprised you could understand anything that comes out of his filthy sewer considering he says things like “dis” and “dat”

      1. Is getting human feces smashed up your nose for 7 straight days choice C?

        …because I’d rather have that than to have to listen to one second of the pure garbage that is the white-trash-wigger, Sean Brace, or that fat fucking imbecile who knows zero about sports, Josh Innes.

        Human shit lodged in nasal cavity > Sean Brace / Backfat Innes

  3. Al Morganti is freakin horrible. I like when he pretends he doesn’t understand something or is ignorant to it . Like the kid in school who thought it was cool to be dumb. Dudes a freakin loser and brings nothing on a daily basis . And his sense is humor is right up there with Missanellis yuppy arrogance, . Ill vote for neither

    1. Momma be proud of your daughter
      Think of all the things you taught her
      Not to go into the water till she could swim
      how to cook and how to sew
      what other things you know

      You should have taught her about sex
      that it was not a sin
      you should have said
      don’t bit the dick that fucks you honey
      you gotta learn to suck it funny
      how those dicks all taste like rubber
      covered with goo
      some cums clear and some cums milky
      some cums thick and some cums silky
      don’t bit the dick that fucks you honey
      it’ll be good to you

    2. Leave me alone. I am Mr. Hockey. I work hard for my money. It’s hard kissing Cataldi’s a$$ every day.

      1. The perception that Morganti really knows the game of hockey is on of the biggest mysteries. Macnow knows less than Morganti and Startare actually thinks he knows the game. Jason Martinez. Or Myrtitis actually knows the game sad to say. He is the only one that doesn’t speak in generalities about the strategy. He is a homer like all of them but at least sees the strategy. IMHO.

  4. Let’s call it a weekend:

    Washed up Cataldi is getting his ass kicked by never was Smacnow

    Missanelli could loose to a tree stump…I mean Morganti

    Amy is getting Fadooled by Ellis

    Brace or Innes? They both suck, so I suggest Ebola all around

    Not only didn’t Big Daddy Waste and his 11 inches (right, Bob?) belong in the Fraud of 64, they don’t belong on the air. I thought you had to be funny to call yourself a comedian. But, he does fit right in with know-nothing sports talk hosts…Cataldi, Brace, Innes, Marks, Golic, and on and on and on

  5. I`m amazed by the John Clark and Rob Ellis love on this site..these guys are both FUCKING TERRIBLE!

  6. Whenever I attend the Two Philly Funny Guys Show with Big Daddy and Conklin, the two funny guys never show up. Just B.D. and Conklin

  7. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of listening to the same people call WIP day after day, multiple times. For the love of God how many times a day can one person call a radio station? I can only hope that Steve from glenside, mike from west Chester, nick from collegville, Chris from williamstown and mike from south philly all loose their phone bills for a few months so they get shut off and can’t call 2, 3 or 4 times a day. Gentlemen, read a book, go out with friends, play solitaire, do something but PLEASE STOP CALLING EVERY DAMN DAY!!!!!!

    1. How about John from the Northeast, the biggest expert on the minor leagues who predicted Dom Brown would be a Superstar?

  8. You are spot on! steve from Glenside and Chris from Williamstown are the worse and they don’t even know sports.they are the worse I’m with ya. Steve from Glenside calls wip one hour and then an hour later calls the phanatic. A lot of times they will call and not even talk sports. I don’t think you should be allowed on the air unless you have relative insight about a sport or a solid issue that gives an inclined insight about a team. I think both of them are ex~mental patients. When Jody mac ripped chris from Williamstown a new asshole that was must hear radio.

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