Welcome To Engagement Week

That title sounds perfectly douchey, so it should fit.

Lots of chatter from knuckleheads in the comments lately. More than usual. Slow sports times breed inanity. So rather than let the nonsensities fester, and because our AMA a month or so ago went over quite well, we’ll be doing more #ENGAGEMENT this week with you, the reader. No, it’s not because some company wants to buy us and has demanded that we show bankable engagement and content metrics (though if someone wants to pay me a comical sum of cash, I’m all ears). Rather, people keep tweeting me to do it again… and we want to bridge the Easter gap during what I imagine is a vacation week for many.

So I’ll be hopping in the comments more frequently. So will Jim. I won’t respond to everything, and will leave conversations just as they get interesting and then a bunch of people will accuse me of avoiding a topic but really I will just forget about it. Jim will do an AMA on Wednesday (ask him why he changed his horrible Twitter handle to something more human, how great I am to work for, or if his nutsack gets the necessary airflow in those tight sweatpants). And on Thursday, if all goes well, I might try to periscope (v.) another AMA and answer questions on the fly. As always, whatever goes. I figure this has to be a better use of Periscope than showing my fridge, though I’ll do that too if need be.

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34 Responses

  1. the new radio bar ad on the bottom sucks, and it’s called WahWah, which is pretty much a slap in the face to everyone who visits this site. right now i have what appears to be a trans3xual (moderated) white woman, avicii, staring me in the face as i scroll.

    1. It also doesn’t cover any content, doesn’t autoplay audio, and pays us. I don’t love it, but it’s a much better alternative than autoplay video pop-overs and such the many sites are doing. We’ll see how it does and may or may not stick with it. But it doesn’t auto play sounds and impact site loading, which is most important.

      1. On-field digitally projected football ads aren’t as bad as jersey ads, either, but it doesn’t mean the NFL should do them (and caught a shit load of backlash last year in preseason).

        It sucks, Kyle. I get that you have to monetize and I don’t blame you for trying to get as much as possible. But this one is really shitty, and you really should get rid of it.

      2. Thes pop-ups and videos and the Wahwah thing are starting to turn the page into a real shitshow. As others have said, I understand the need to monetize the site since this is your job but IMO too much of that crap detracts from your brand.

        1. But check other sites. We’re hardly an exception. Most bury stuff after the jump for more clicks or have even more intrusive ads. Locally, CSN hits you with a video on – every page – CBS auto refreshes. Other blogs– Barstool and The 700 Level force you to jump and have ads. You can often read everything in a given day with clicking to read more only once or twice per day, and the only reason we do that is for page load times.

      3. It is grossly obnoxious. I’m all for you making money, but if this is the way you have to, then I’m out.

  2. My guess is that this topic is probably off-limits, but it would be interesting to hear the insider info you have re: the magic man’s ex-wife and susie celek’s falling out. If not, we will graciously settle for a Marry, F, Kill featuring Steve Keeley, John Bolaris and Little Bow Tie Baby Kenny Rosenthal

    1. All I know is that Jon and Julie are separated and Julie doesn’t appear to be friends with Susie anymore. I have no idea beyond that.

  3. Hi Kyle!! Have you asked your wife about her extracurricular activities yet down on the Main Line?

    1. Tacconelli’s all day long.

      Santucci’s over sauced, lightly cheesed, limp crap doesn’t even belong in the same breath.

      And don’t go to the Jersey branch of Tacconelli’s. Go original or don’t go.

  4. Will Jim answer the question “Why he sucks?” and “Does he plan to keep on sucking?”

    1. Presumably. Though if I were you I’d cite evidence as he was instructed to comment this week and I haven’t seen any yet.

  5. eagles just signed demeco ryans to a contract extension, perfect time to make a shitty t-shirt about it!

    are the bros going to still be able to wear their villanova basketball jerseys in sea isle all summer? considering they are the punch line of the ncaa at every level?

  6. Seriously Kyle, whatever happened with the buzzonbroad/crossingbroad merger/partnership thing that lasted like a month?

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