What Is Going On With Peter King?

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Jeffrey Lurie is addressing the media live. We’ll have a brief recap if he says anything more interesting than Peter King looking gross in the background.


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  1. As someone who’s done a couple of lines in my day, it’s safe to say peter king is coked up

  2. He’s just trying to get the taste of Fuhrer Goodell’s yogurt slinger out of his mouth

  3. Dude looks like he’s rolling his face off. Is there audio? He almost looks like he’s growling at the back of Lurie’s head…

  4. Presser: “Chip is my (swallow Chip’s c0c-k) guy ..nonsense nonsense nonsense..gonna fuck the (insert two fingers up Juuuuuuuuu nephew Howie’s ass) fans for maximum dollars…nonsense nonsense nonsense (grab Chip’s balls)…Gold Stan (swallow another load from Chip) dard….nonsense nonsense nonsense…I now nothing about football (grab Howie’s dick)…..”
    Fuck you, you Juuuuuuuuu motherfucker ball sucking asshat. Gold Standard–go fuck yourself.

    1. Sorry to constantly be so annoying on here guys. Its just that the taste of sweaty man ass really gets my juices going and I have to I have to let it out somewhere.

  5. Chip Kelly need to hire peter king for the gm job. if not He has No Choice But Give it to joe joe the janitor.

  6. Peter King is doing mouth exercises following his 10 1 oz craft beer tasting at the lobby.
    He will write about this as if the public gives a shit about his beer likes.

    What a yutz

  7. Someone need tell Those Motherfuckers To Fix that Audio Matter of fact Never mind. Hey Howard Why are You So Close You Wanna a kiss or Do you like a good wham.

  8. I put my money on Oxi’s . He is prime age for coke, but he was to fat then, and his nose passage would be wider. However his piss is hot.

  9. That Same red shirt is the same shirt my next door neighbor Had at his garage sale. peter king is the man.

  10. Don’t Know Whats Worst Jeffrey lurie Speaking or Listen to That Stupid ass Josh ines sports talk .

  11. Jeffrey,

    Could not make the press conference. My question would have been, Where do you get those haircuts with the hole in the middle?

  12. Hey Suckers,

    Do you lemmings miss me yet? For the past 21 years, you have been drinking Lurie’s kool aid, and investing your time and money in hopes for an Eagle Super Bowl win from a failed movie producer. Remember, he gave us V.I. Warshawski, a film with old Jeff as producer that was a critical and commercial failure. He then went and asked his rich aunt to buy him the Eagles and she forked over $200 million. He is in his 21st year and he ain’t ever going to win you a Super Bowl. Hell, at least I made my fortune being a snake oil used car salesman not some rich brat born into money. BTW, caption for that last picture, “These guys are actually buying my B.S.”

    Your pal, Norm

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