What’s Black and White and Nick Foles All over? Today’s Daily News


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  1. I got a way that we can get both Griffey, and Bonds. And not have to have up that much.

      1. Maybe that’s a good thing. The last time I checked the last GMs have now championships to account for.

        1. Yeah it’s definitely a good thing when the coach/gm trades for and signs injury prone players who struggle mightily to stay on the field(dope).

  2. I was just reading the online sports pages of two St. Louis newspapers and the fans there are jumping for joy over this trade and think Chip Kelly needs to be tested for drug use. Also there were several comments about Bradford not being a team player and a “me first” kind of guy. Did not really feel hopeful after reading that. But, who knows?

  3. My favorite part of the trade is chipper just chucking in a 2nd rd pick next yr to the Rams for no reason

  4. He should have never traded that second round draft pick. Those are very valuable.

    I really, really like second round draft picks.

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