You Can Still Win Money on Draft Kings and Enjoy all of the Basketball that’s not on TV

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We all miss football. It’s great. It keeps the week heading towards something, and it gave us something to write and talk about. Plus, Fantasy Football gave you (depending who you are) the joy of smack talking your friends or the pain of being mercilessly mocked. Good times all around. Additionally, every week brought a new Draft Kings contest that usually promised some big money, or a lot of fun, for a small deposit. I miss it.

But Draft Kings does not get sad nor does it shut down when it’s not football season, they keep on going all year-long. And their basketball challenges (which is what I actually started with) are the perfect way to keep up with what is going on across the league when no games are on TV and the Sixers are … the Sixers. There are five games tonight, and with a deposit of just $3 you can walk away with up to $10,000 on Draft Kings.

Tonight’s NBA $100k Sharpshooter awards prize money to the top 7,850 finishers and the total prize pool is a cool $100,000. It basically works the same way the football leagues did:

– $100,000 prize pool
– First place wins $10,000
– Only $3 to enter
– Top 7,850 win money guaranteed
– Starts tonight at 7:00 PM EST
– Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 8 players
– Roster Format: 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C, 1 G, 1 F and 1 Utility

You can pick your team over here and move your lineup around all you want until 7pm tonight. One piece of advice? Since Robert Covington is a bit hobbled and the Sixers are playing the Toronto Raptors, you might want to avoid anyone on the home team. Nerlens has been on a roll, but you want to win money, don’t you? Draft your team now.

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4 Responses

  1. I love Draftkings and play NBA everyday. Just be sure you understand the “match” money offer so you are not disappointed with the way it works. They don’t make it clear enough at the get.

  2. Gambling is no way to live. Only working for an honest day’s pay is the way to go. It begins with
    a $3 dollar bet. Then it becomes $30, then $300 and eventually you are broke and mortgaging your home to fuel your addiction.

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