A Scumbag Mets Fan Threw Beer at Grady Sizemore

But please, continue to tell us about how bad Philly fans are.

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14 Responses

  1. I bet if any media picks this up they also mention how Phillies fans threw batteries at the Easter Bunny. Or something…

  2. Big fuckin’ deal! That fuckin’ shit happens EVERYWHERE in EVERY sport! Get the fuck over it! Yeah, another slow news day.

  3. If that guy has the audacity to launch his 12 dollar beer more kudos to him. Grady don’t give a fuck.

  4. Um jeepers beleepers guys! If that was in philly they would have thrown a gun at him! PS I’d let that guy throw beer right up my hershey driveway!

  5. At 2:28 Deadspin posted “Dipshit Mets Fan Throws Beer At Grady Sizemore” and Kyle responds with “A Scumbag Mets Fan Threw Beer at Grady Sizemore.” I know the whole point of this site is to aggregate stories from other sites, but here he isn’t even trying to have an opinion all his own.

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