An Inflatable Franklin Scared the Crap out of Nerlens Noel


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  1. Its kind of amazing how the Sixers, despite having the worst record of our 4 major sports, is talked about more than both the Phils and the Flyers combined. All this talk of the future and the high draft picks and the what-ifs and we’ll-be-good-sooner…

    1. I know right! Why are we not talking about the Flyers more! This team was built to beat the penguins and only the penguins and we play them tonight!

      I was better then Zac

  2. The only thing that scares me at Sixers game is the ever increasing amount of black people. Can’t wait til they get good again and dont get free tickets.

  3. Yeah great idea lets scare the shit out of Noel and Embiid and cause more injuries . Damn u Franklin you NY Knick lover , bad dog !

    1. Yeah I watched Noel climb the wall and thought the same thing. Funny as hell though.

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