Chase Utley is Having a Historically Bad Start to the Season


I accidentally typed “Chase Utley is Having a Shitorically Bad Start.” But that also fits.

Utley is on the cusp of having the worst March/April in National League history. Of course, that’s based solely on batting average. It’s not an advanced metric, but it’s still a good way to judge a hitter’s success. Utley’s impact has been non-existent. He’s somehow found a way to notch 11 RBI while only having eight hits on the year in 70 at-bats.

We all love Chase. We do. But if you’re at a game soon (and that’s a big if) and you lay those boos down on Ryan Howard, just remember that Chase probably deserves some too. I know it’s hard, but it’s the life we live now. But maybe instead you can just yell “I DON’T BLAME YOU,” or “I’M SORRY THIS IS WHAT IT’S COME TO.”

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  1. The reason Chase Utley will never get booed is because just like the majority of fans,he’s white.Jim you know I know it heck all of Philadelphia knows it but are just to scared to admit it.With that being said here comes the hating white protectionism trolls in 3…2..1.

    1. In fairness, Ryan Howard isn’t just black. He’s also fat and was never good at anything related to baseball except racking up enough fly balls that go over the wall when given entire seasons to hack away.

  2. Chase Utley fell off faster then my ratings!

    Josh Innes is fat, not from here, etc…

    1. There’s no room here for you and your statistical mumbo jumbo son. RBI’s, that’s what tells the story…. Yeah, RBI’s…. One time I batted your fathers balls while in play. He cried.

  3. Instead of going to boo maybe you should actually watch a game. Something I’ve doubt you’ve done much of Jim. If you did you would realize that Utley has had one of the unluckiest starts in NL history. The guy has been hitting the ball hard to every part of the field. They’ve just all have been in a defenders range. Has he looked like classic Utley? No. He’s looked off balanced when swinging, but has he looked like a sub 100 player? Hell no. I think if he keeps playing the same way, when everything averages out he’ll be in the .240 range. But that’s only if he stays at this level. Watching him, I expect that once he gets his swing where it’s suppose to be he’l be a lot better. Average wise.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Typical white protectionism at its finest right here.

      1. You tell ’em, Phil! White people like Mike Schmidt, Adam Eaton, Pat Burrell and Jonathan Papelbon never get booed!

  4. Odubel Herrera might be the steal of the century. Phillies make a run at Wild Card this year and will World Series contenders next year. Worst to First, it happens all the time, baby.

  5. If Utley was being paid 25 million to half heartedly fan at balls in the dirt and way out of the zone he would get booed too.

  6. Of course race plays a factor in Utley getting treated with kid gloves and Howard getting booed constantly. It’s a shame we’re still having these debates in 2015.

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