Connor Barwin Can Jump Higher Than You

Higher than you can jump, yes. But also he can probably jump clean over you. Unless you have hair like his.


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    1. Seriously, what’s with the huge gap between the banner ad and the rest of the page? I get that Kyle needs to make money to feed Jim doggy treats but its pretty intrusive. Plus, it looks like shit.

    2. If you are tired of the Crossingbroad ads (or ads on any site, for that matter) just download adblock for Chrome. It’s free and eliminates probably 95% of ads. When I come to this website I only see one ad for Godfather Locks and nothing else.

  1. CBS Philly has become easier to navigate than this pile of shit


  2. Sooty guys. I just….I failed. She tried and I failed and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

  3. Jim you suck. I don’t say that in an ironic hipster way like your hero Connor Barwin would. You legitimately suck. And Barwin is embarrassing.

  4. “But also he can probably jump clean over you. ”

    Speak for yourself, hobbit. The caption on that picture clearly says “(57 in).” That’s 4’9.”

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