CSN Inadvertently Aired Video of Odubel Herrera’s Johnson

John Oliver talked to Edward Snowden about just how easily the government can look at your dick pics. But why complicate things? Because if you’re Phillies rookie starting center fielder Odubel Herrera, you can skip all the backchannel data mining and have your member broadcast straight to the public on live TV courtesy of the networks of NBC-Comcast. Welcome to the big leagues, kid!

The .GIF is on Imgur. Of course be aware of your surroundings before clicking.

H/T to (@Gods_Server), via Reddit


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      1. But now that you’ve seen that video, you would most certainly recognize him OUT of a uniform.

        Kyle Scott….never met a Johnson he didn’t like.

        Can everyone imagine if that had been Chase Utley and not Odubel Herrera?

        There would be no more Kyle posts today due to a day long fap session…

        1. If this were Chase I’d seriously need to take the rest of the day off. No lie.

  1. I put together a well-thought out and creative comment. And you removed it.

  2. Kyle, I really would appreciate it if you made a log-in for comments so people wouldn’t pretend to be me and make weird comments.
    I would also appreciate than mandingo black mamba rocket slapping me in the face eleventeen times.

    I made spinach dip in a loaf of cour dough bread for the home opener if anyone would like some.

    1. (addendum)
      that black mandingo black mamba rocket*
      loaf of sour dough*

      also Kyle, would appreciate if i could edit my comments so i wouldn’t look like an asshole for typos.

  3. Herrara struck out “swinging” twice today.

    And Gargano still blows

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