CSN Notes: Phils Broadcast Upgrades, Jim Cramer on Eagles Postgame Live?

Voila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-03-41_PM

Few things here that I can’t fit anywhere else:


Phils broadcast

  • Ben Davis
    • Not horrible! Maybe I’m just saying that because he went to Malvern Prep… but through this weekend and the opener he seemed to fit in quite well and pick up the role more quickly than both Matt Stairs and Jamie Moyer did last year. He has a nice jock-fat guy rapport going with Stairs. [Davis said he passed Chaddsford Winery twice in the morning. Stairs asked if he was running both ways.]
  • Matt Stairs
    • I’m torn here. He’s funny, sometimes, but he still has the terrible problem of just skipping entire words in sentences. He’ll be a and boom just right words are to thought. It’s frustrating!
  • Tom McCarthy
    • He no longer has features. He’s just a giant mass of flesh that pushes out hot air.
  • Numbers
    • They’re using them! Check this out:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-06-56_PMVoila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-08-09_PM

I don’t recall seeing these before. Or maybe it’s just because I stopped paying attention last year. Whatever. Either way, it’s nice to see the broadcast using at least some quasi-advanced metrics. Only problem is– the GM might not understand what they mean.


Jim Cramer

Voila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-21-06_PM

I’m withholding initial thoughts on BOB until at least next week, because I don’t think it’s fair to review a show after just two broadcasts. But this morning I may have gotten a little envious of the crew when they had Jim Cramer on. Perhaps the only local sports person I’d be in awe of would be Chip Kelly, and maybe Chase. OK, probably Chase. But Jim is one of my favorite personalities on Earth (and I really wish he’d follow me on Twitter– seriously, he’d like the site) and probably on my oft-changing Top 5 People To Meet list, which goes, in no particular order: Jimmy Buffett, Steve Jobs Tim Cook, Barack Obama (or any sitting president), Jim Cramer, Bill Simmons.

Anyway, he’s a big Philly sports fan, as you know, and they had him on to talk Eagles and Phillies, and then extended him an invite to be on Eagles Postgame Live this season. He accepted.

I asked if it was real– it was:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-17-08_PMVoila_Capture 2015-04-07_03-19-34_PM

I think it was just a one-time thing, but who knows? Jim would fill the celeb wacko chair better than Ed Rendell (whom I actually don’t think is awful on the show). And Jim, the Harvard grad, is probably more intelligent than Rendell, the Penn grad. He also wears his Philly sports fandom on his sleeve and can barely go an episode of Mad Money without dropping a reference in somewhere. Booyah!

Video of that segment with Cramer here.

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41 Responses

    1. Yeah poor Rob Ellis, what a demotion. Now he has to do sit-downs with Chase Utley and hobnob with zillionaire Wall street celebs instead of chit chat with Murray from Mayfair and Gus from Allentown all. freaking. day.

      I’ll bet he’s masterminding a way to get the WIP afternoon slot back from J. Innes as we speak.

  1. Jillian Mele is the only good thing about the show. Sarah Baicker is an ugly ju-nosed twat. That big mandingo motherfucker always bitches about chip kelly and rob ellis looks like a straight up pedophile/ventriloquist doll

      1. Not so fast my friend. Yesterday’s red dress brought out the freckles. Today’s black dress brought out the moles. They must not have been able to fit a decent lighting director into the shows budget.

    1. Yep. You can tell after 2 days that the show is doomed. No alpha dogs on the panel. When Barrett Brooks has the highest personality quotient you’re in trouble. That said, not sure what the metric would be to cancel, since no one was watching TCN in the 1st place. Guess if the show can’t draw advertising and loses money that will be the killer.

      1. I watched this show for about 90 seconds this morning. It won’t make it through Memorial Day weekend.

        Jillian Mele has to be asking herself “What in God’s name happened to my career?”

        and….”But, boy, I do have the best tit freckles on earth, so I’ll get another job….”

        1. Yeah, what was she thinking…should’ve kept banking her cupola hundred K a year from doing 2 minute traffic spots instead of jumping ship for a sports talk sh*tshow that’ll be gone in 60 days.

    2. Bring in Hollis Thomas and Natalie “Smokeshow” Eggnog to liven that panel up. Get rid of Baicker and Brooks.

  2. Yum Yum give me some of that hottie Ben Wilson.He looks so good he makes me wanna have his baby.

    1. You nailed it on phony Cramer and Bear Sterns . He told a caller on his Mad Money show years ago that Bear Sterns was a safe play at $58.00 per share. The very next day it crashed to $2.00. Jim then states what he meant was your deposit money was safe and said he was not talking about the stock price. His show is all about picking stocks. Probably the lousy recommendation allowed him time to dump his shares. Never ever watched the buffoon or his lousy show ever again.

  3. He’s nothing but an attention w h o r e. Guy is worth anywhere from $75-100 million dollars or maybe more. I can tolerate the Guv but why not put more players who actually played football or real sports journalists on then some guy who ran a hedge fund.

  4. The TV broadcast team is shear torture. I know LA and Franzke don’t want the TV gig but there has to be a way to change their mind. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. You have two guys which are really well liked by the fans. I think the TV ratings would increase if you put them on. This is like putting a Sears catalog model on TV and an Victoria’s Secret model on radio.

    1. Bowa will join the broadcast team next year after they fire blandberg. Take the stairs.

  5. Rob Ellis the worlds most boring man interviewing Jim Kramer the worlds biggest douche bag yeah take financial advice from a guy that uses horns and sirens on his show

  6. Tom McCarthy missed a few games last year for personal business, and many thought those telecasts were the best of the season. I thought Greg Murphy did a good play-by-play job by not talking TOO much as McCarthy constants does. TMac needs to move on …maybe stick with calling football games.

    1. Rob Ellis looks like an old woman in that picture, I don’t have to watch to know he’s probably boring as shit too

  7. Only way I’ll put “Bob” on for more then a second is if Jillian Mele shows off her tities

  8. That guy wears jerseys and has season ticket? He loves the front office? And you call that intellegent?

  9. It amazing to me the people involved in decision making for TV shows can’t see that the 4 hosts on BOB have no chemistry. I watched 5 minutes of it yesterday and they’re all afraid to step on anyone’s toes and disagree and actually make it interesting.

    I would have had a 2 hosts (male & female) similar to the Kelly Ripa show (formerly with Regis). And then you have guest panelists throughout the week to spice things up. Instead they have 3 bores and a great looking Jillian Mele who are just bland as can be.

    1. On top of that today they mixed in a big helping of john Gonzalez I guess they have a monopoly on boring guys

      1. TO tomorrow…guess Freddie Mitchell wasn’t available due to the fact that he’s in jail. On the upside, Jilly finally realized that her pockmarked decolletage was working against her in brightly-lit HD closeups, so she went with a tasteful pale blue sweater instead.

  10. Jim Cramer of “What housing bubble?/ Bear Sterns ROCKS /Len Dykstra is a financial genius” fame would be the perfect addition to any Iggles talking head panel.

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