Dom Brown, Ever the Competitor, Just Happy to Get a Free Lunch out of Demotion

Voila_Capture 2015-04-29_03-36-14_PM
Cowboys fan Dom Brown

Dom Brown, speaking to reporters today about being optioned to AAA and not reporting to the ballpark last night, according to Tom Housenick of the Allentown Morning Call:

“I wasn’t happy at first. I had to think about the big picture. It wasn’t that big of a deal at all. I just told (Amaro) that I was going to spend (Tuesday) with the family.”

“It felt good (Amaro) telling me face to face. Got free lunch out of it, which was cool, Copperhead, seafood buffet.”

“There are no problems at all. A blessing that they are looking out for me.”

That burning desire to succeed.

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15 Responses

  1. What a bum! That attitude should get him far. BTW, I see he is wearing his Dallas attire! Maybe he should be closer to Texas.

    1. Maxie sweetie kitchen love it see the food cook it learn to stay in a woman’s place which is the kitchen bedroom and the laundry room and leave commenting about sports to your husband.

  2. This is edited. Dom didn’t say it like this. The writer is leaving out other important statements dom made.

  3. Who the fuck is he to think he should go right back to the bigs? He wasn’t hitting minor league pitching and he sure as hell hasn’t hit in the majors. He’s had ONE productive month in his career which was an aberration. Hey Dom, you suck,you had an option left, and you should’ve been traded long ago. So pack up your Cowboys gear and your glove and get your ass to work.

    1. Part of Jacknuts’ comment-“Hey Dom,you suck,you had an option left,and you should’ve been traded long ago.”

      What the fuck is this gibberish you moron.
      Anyway love the Dez Bryant jersey Dom Brown is wearing and it’s kinda of sad that he has to play for such a miserable fanbase.

      1. Since you’re a “BOYS” fan I’ll clarify. “You suck” =he’s not very good. The”option” =they can send him down to the minors. And the “traded long ago”= the same thing your worthless gm/owner should’ve done with your underperforming QB. Now run along Skippy to some Dallas blog.

      2. Dickless Cowboys fan.

        Allow me to quote you. It speaks for itself.

        “What the fuck is this gibberish you moron.” (note lack of proper punctuation)

        And then I see you also said this.

        “Maxie sweetie kitchen love it see the food cook it learn to stay in a woman’s place”

  4. And to think Toronto offered us Roy Halladay straight up for Dom Brown back in 2009, but Dom Brown was “untouchable” then. Just think how different the 2009 World Series would have been. Unbelievable.

    Another thing that is unbelievable: Ruben is still with this team.

  5. Love the Cowboys gear Dom.

    You sure know how to send an unspoken “fuck you” to the Philly fans.

  6. Copperhead is actually really good food! Used to hit that place after watching Eagles training camp

  7. Please remember to vote for Dom Brown for the All-Star game. This is not actually a vote for Dom Brown but a way to embarrass major league baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies. Vote now and vote a lot. thank you

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