Draft Beers Are Actually Very Affordable at Citizens Bank Park, Relatively Speaking

beer per ounce

At Citizens Bank Park, a non-premium domestic draft beer will run you $7.75. That’s tied for the most expensive in baseball, but it’s actually one of the most affordable. That’s because, according to Business Insider, those CBP drafts are 21 ounces, which put their price per ounce at $0.37, 9th best in the league. The Phillies also join the Dodgers and Twins in being the only teams that sell their standard draft beers larger than 16 ounces. Though it’s worth pointing out that this data is based on numbers reported by the teams, so the Phils may have fudged that 21 ounce number a bit. Either way, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anything as offensive as the Red Sox charging $7.75 for a 12-ounce beer.

Kyle: I’d pay $7.75 for a 12-ounce beer to be a fan of a team that wasn’t an embarrassment to organized competition.


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  1. i love it when i tell someone how much their beer costs and they respond, “i can get a whole case for that much!” not in CBP, you cheap fuck. you want an entire case of bud light at cbp? pay me $204 cause that’s how much it costs me.

    1. “Cool bro, go home, serve yourself and drink that case of piss water light beer by yourself you shit head alcoholic”

        1. you’ll probably never see this but you couldn’t be any more wrong, bruh.

          meet me at CBP.

  2. One game into the season and we’re already running the filler “beer price” posts.

    When’s the draft?

  3. “Kyle: I’d pay $7.75 for a 12-ounce beer to be a fan of a team that wasn’t an embarrassment to organized competition.”

    are you talking about the Phillies or Villanova Men’s Basketball??

  4. I can get two cold 40oz bottles of St. Ides for that price,and watch the shitty ass Phillies at home.
    And btw great job by Ruben Amaro with replacing Jimmy Rollins with that stiff Freddy Galvis.

  5. You could pay $4.08 and come see me play in PITTSBURGH sometime.

    Please stop covering baseball!

  6. So is Kyle going to throw his 2 cents in at the end of every post Jim has from now on? Seems excessive. Take the training wheels back off. Innes is a hack.

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