Eagles Draft Guy Not Named Marcus Mariota

Photo Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After trying and trying and trying and trying and failing to move up into the number two spot to get Marcus Mariota, the Eagles sat back and let their #20 pick come to them. And with that 20th pick, Chip and crew chose WR Nelson Agholor out of USC.

Agholor, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks, “seems like a culture fit with the Eagles.” He’s a 6-foot, 185-pound speedster who also has return experience. Shorr-Parks said many teams had Agholor as the second best receiver in the draft, and you can find out some more on him here. He is not Marcus Mariota.


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  1. underwhelming for now, but the guy is going to be solid player for sure, would have liked a DB or maybe Bud Dupree but i’m satisfied

  2. So we had to listen to months of lies, rumors, inside info, sources, informed opinion etc etc etc and it was ALL wrong?????? These SOB’s starting with ESPN tool MY GAL SAL or whoever that arrogant ahole who pollutes the Mikey Miss show at 5:15 need to shoot themselves.

  3. I’ll never understand how Elliot Shorr-Parks has credibility with anybody, he printed the bullshit Desean story and has absolutely zero fucking clue about the Eagles or football in general…..I thought the eagles were going to take Landon Collins even though they didn’t even talk to him once….dude just throws shit at the wall

    1. he’s one of the best writers covering the eagles while you comment on a blog under a fake name so i wouldn’t call him out for credibility.

      he also called the agholor pick weeks ago in a pretty good article, and you thought the eagles were going to take landon collins? the guy who can’t cover? who no one in the NFL thought was good enough for the first round? he’s a linebacker not a safety, google mark barron and there is landon collins.

      1. Actually if you take the chance to stop blowing him, you will realize he mocked about 15 different guys to pick 20 and yea a couple weeks ago mention Nelson. No shit the Eagles didn’t want Collins you dumb duck, but Elliot kept reporting they did when the birds didn’t even talk to him like I wrote before. Get his dick out your mouth!!!!

  4. You dopes were trolled by the media! Chip never called Tampa, never called Tennessee and never called Cleveland. The Hawaiian Rifle was never in play. Chip tried to clue you guys in when he was in front of a microphone but you chose not to listen.

    1. Yep. I don’t recall any indication at all that Chip Kelly was going to mortgage the Eagles’ future for one guy. As a matter of fact he said the exact opposite several times. Yet, instead of taking the man at his word this sheep-like fanbase followed the likes of needy egomaniacs like Angelo Cataldi, Sal Pal, Mike Missanelli, Kyle Scott, Eytan Shander (whoever the hell that is) right off the Mariota cliff. But, hey, they got their ratings and phone calls, Kyle and fanboy hack writers like Jimmy Kempski, Tim MacManus and Jeff McClane got their page views, so they made out fine.

      Kyle, how did the pineapple and spam taste last night?

      1. I agree with the other me. Chip Kelly never said a word about it. It reminds me of when he said Nick Foles was his QB of the future. Kelly never lies.

        When are all you dopes going to learn? He never wanted Mariota. The whole thing was all made up. He did not try to trade up to get him….Never happened. Ask either one of me. If you don’t ask, I will be repeating it all day long.

        By the way – I also used a repeated a scenario where Chip does trade up to get him. Either way, I could say I was right.

        1. Look. Clown. If I was the same person posting under different names, surely Kyle would’ve outed me like that loser who actually was on here posting all day under four different names.

          But, whatever. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Look at the bright side,we get to keep Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks and by drafting wr Nelson Agholor it means Riley Cooper is closer to being out the door so relax Eagles fans it’s not the end of the world as you know it.

  6. Not trading for the qb was the right thing to do but unfortunately they shit the bed with the wr pick at 20…..and to make matters worse the cowscum draft the guy we should have taken. Guess it’s back to watching Honey Boo Boo reruns until football season.

  7. Caps won 2~1 over the Rangers hell yea
    Up 1~0 in series

    Go caps

  8. Wait so the geniuses of sports radio were all wrong or just made up shit because they are too lazy to come up with other topics? Color me shocked.

  9. Playoffs ths year- YOU HEAR ME?!?!??



    We gonna do it baby!!!!!!

    1. You and your Ryan Howard nose needs to stfu

  10. MCW sounds like the person that did the announcements when I was in grade school. It sounds so unnatural and bad. How did she get that job

    1. Can’t figure out what is worse, her voice or those bangs she has. Seriously, bangs?

    2. Sounds like she’s from the Valley in California

    3. lol, i had the same thought. sounds like the kid doing the morning updates when i was in high school.

    4. Oh and by the way in case you didn’t know, Gargano is Italian. Just like everyone other Italian, they have to make sure you know they are.

      1. He cooks his crabs in GRAVY….not sauce. GRAVY. Just so you know.

    5. That’s exactly what she sounds like, its simply awful. And that name MCW, stupid. Hopefully managment “Sean Braces'” her.

      1. hahahaha…”sean braces” her. Hilarious.

        Using MCW as her handle is pretty friggin stupid. Can’t come up with something more original? Put a little effort into this show will ya?

  11. Andy Reid c0ck blocked the Eagles telling wiz-in-hunt not to do the deal & take MM

    1. Wisenhunt asked his advice because Reid was in a similar situation in 1999. Reid told him the truth. Keep the franchise QB instead of all those picks/castoff players other teams offer you because you may never find yourself in a situation like this again and a franchise QB can make or break you.

      Coaches talk like this all the time. Bill Parcells gave Reid similar advice throughout Reid’s career in Philly. Get over yourself. Andy Reid does not have a personal vandetta against the Eagles. This coaches all have some boy’s club fraternity. They don’t think like fans.

      1. It’s me again….Steve Mason. I am using my other name right now. Disregard the fact that I said Mariota would be a bust if the Eagles did get him. Now that they didn’t get him, I will call him a franchise QB.

        I really have no life.

        Recap: If the Eagles would have gotten Mariota – he would have been a bust. Tennessee has him so he is a franchise QB.

        Coaches talk like this all the time. I am nuts!!!!!

        1. He may still be a bust. He probably will be. But Wisenhunt saw the potential there and took him. The same potential that sheep like you were spoonfed until you thought trading half the starters on defense, a QB and three first round picks was worth it.

          Why can’t you follow this?

          You’re an angry young (old?) man.

          1. It’s me again….Steve Mason….I told you I would repeat myself again soon.

            Be back to repeat myself again….I have been doing it for months.

  12. LMAO at all the “anglers” on the airwaves who threw out the baited line to all the suckers out there. I’d like to thank all the fish who took it hook line and sinker to amuse me with your child like belief in the highly improbable. The #1-2 draft picks are pure gold and to trade it away for low first rounders and the guys the Eagles were trying to trade just doesn’t get it done. Hey look! Santa!

    1. If the people on the radio did it on purpose for listeners and ratings……….and you admit you listened………then you took the bait.

      Think before you type. Nothing worse than announcing on the world wide web, that you are an idiot.

      1. I don’t listen to those morons. This website gives me plenty of updates by regurgitating what is on the radio almost daily.

        Even if I did listen, that in no way means I would have believed that bullshit. You must be one of the geniuses who took the bait. I’m not one of you, I never will be.

  13. AWWW poor Kylie and Jen. Do you feel like complete morons wasting the last few months of your pathetic lives going on non stop about how the Eagles would get mariota? “He’s chips guy!”. You are the internet equivalent of sports talk radio. You know nothing about sports and use emotion instead of logic. You had people like me, Steve mason, proud conservative and others telling everyone that this wouldn’t happen but what do we know.?We’re not kool aid drinking hipsters. This was like back in high school when you wanted to ask a girl to the prom. And you waited and waited and when you were finally going to ask her, you saw her walking down the hall holding hands with another dude. So you ended up home on prom night watching family matters and boy meets world on ABCs TGIF. (Except for jim, he went with his mom)

    1. Of course you and I (nobody will know we are the same person) covered our bases. We said it wouldn’t happen half of the time, then we said if it did happen it would be bad for the Eagles. Either way, we/I could log on today and say we/I were right.

      I don’t think anyone ever figured out that we spent the last few months speaking out both sides of our mouth.

      Be back in a few using another name.

      1. Not Me.

        But its crazy that some loser is stalking me and pretending to be me. Creepy actually.

        1. Seriously, what kind of loser spends all this time on the internet writing the same thing over and over again. Steve Mason and I are above all that.

          Be back in a few to repeat myself.

          1. Same kind of loser who stalks three or four different people who don’t agree with him, posts immediately after they post about what losers they are, and act like they are above it all.

            Actually, mentally deficient is probably a better word for a person like that.

            I’ll be checking back here around noon or so. Make sure you post right after me accusing me of being multiple people instead of addressing what I actually wrote.

          2. This fake me is getting on my nerves….I am the real Steve.

            Why does he keep pointing out that i just keep repeating myself, then log back on with a new name to agree with myself?

            Leave me alone.

  14. Thank god the Mariota trade talks are over, and the media can get on with their lives. The whole hype of getting Mariota was ridiculous, as there was no way Tennessee was going to move from #2 overall to #20 unless the Eagles gave them such an outrageous package of draft picks that Chip Kelly would need to be committed to an insance asylum.

    Even today they won’t let it go as many in the media keep saying that the Titans still may want to trade Mariota. It was a farce from the beginning, but Comcast, WIP, 97.5 and the local beat writers would not stop talking about it and alot of people actually believed it would happen.




    1. this has to be sean the trashman from south jersey who pretends to be the eagles biggest fan by dressing up in a uniform and painting his face.

      in reality youre an embarassment to eagles fans everywhere, we cringe at the sight of you.

  16. This whole Mariota thing with the media is a liberal conspiracy. Somehow, it was a plan to take our guns.

    Beware of Iran. Obama is trying to arm them. It’s true. Hannity told me.

  17. What a huge shock a team that needs a franchise QB and has the second pick in the draft, kept their pick and took a franchise QB. I am stunned.

    Everyone who wanted ratings and page views told us we were a lock to get him, I thought it was a no brainer that the trade would happen…

    1. coming from the guy who thought tom brady was drafted in 2006 and then backtracked his way around it, you have no credibility so nobody cares what you say.

      & your not very smart.
      & your posts are just whining and bitching.

      youre the new “Bob”

      1. FDB,

        I do not recall at all saying Tom Brady got drafted in 2006. I said how come we didn’t trade for him in 2006. You see in the NFL you can trade for draft picks AND for players that are currently in their careers. When I mentioned Brady’s name it was in reference to acquiring a player who is already in the league.
        I understand you are one of the ones that thought the Eagles were definitely going to get Mariotta and you were devastated last night. You saw my post and you decided to take one sentence, miss-read it, and use that as your platform.

        1. Could careless about Mariota, but you backtracked after failing horribly at an analogy. It’s fine, you’re trying to cover your mistakes I understand.

          And your analogy still makes no sense. None.

          1. OK I am getting bored with this.. So is everyone else.

            I will break it down for you. I don’t know why I am doing this, you already have it in your head you are going to disagree but oh well…

            Here is the analogy:

            My original statement was, why didn’t the Eagles trade for Tom Brady in 2006? Again no where did I say. How come we didn’t trade for NE’s draft pick and take Tom Brady, I said why didn’t we trade for Tom Brady in 2006.

            It means that in 2006 would the Patriots have traded Tom Brady to the Eagles? Of course not. He obviously was the corner stone for the Pats winning since 2001. Why would a team with such a prized possession (Tom Brady in his prime, again i am not talking about brady the 6th round draft pick) trade it to another team?

            Now here comes the tie in

            Why would Tennessee who needs a franchise QB and are sitting on the second pick in the draft want to trade that “prized possession”

            You see its all about the most important player to make a team successful.. Brady in 2006 was the most important piece to the Patriots , just as in 2015 the second pick in the draft was the most important piece to the titans..

            Again because you cherry pick one statement that you read wrong, you try and blast me. You also try and continue your own narrative that I am “back peddling” just to make your statement more believable.

            But this is where your logic falls short:

            For someone to even to come to this site, they have to be more than a casual sports fan. if someone is going to read a post about the NFL draft, again that individual will be much more than the casual fan who just watches games on Sundays. Tom Brady being drafted in the 6th round in 2000 is something that is common knowledge to a more than casual sports fan.

            Now, obviously, sports fans are always going to disagree on which way teams should draft, or which free agents to pick up. Should the team be a running team or passing team? Does defense win championships or do great qbs.. that crap is up for debate and we can call each other idiots for having a difference of opinion on that, That doesn’t phase me . But do you really think I didn’t know brady was drafted before 2006??

            Do you think I come here.. talk about the eagles draft and not realize what happened in 2004? And if you really do think that, than actually you are dumb as fuck.

            If you are trying to be cool, by twisting it to make me look bad, well you are a sad little piece of shit..

            So take your pick: Dumb as fuck or sad little piece of shit?

          2. the fact that you are so adamant in defending yourself proves that you were wrong.

            that’s way too much typing and thinking for this comment section.

            I didn’t say you were back peddling, I said backtracking.

            don’t twist my words, stupid.

          3. I am sorry for using too many words for you. If a lot of words bother you, then I know my answer.. you are dumb as fuck.

            Thank you for the clarification. I am done with you now.

          4. i didn’t say it was too many words for me, i said for this blogs comments section. just giving you some pointers for the future when someone tells you that you’re stupid, again.

            just do some research before you post when someone was drafted so don’t look like an idiot, especially if its one of the most popular players in the nfl.

  18. Do you know what the Lurie and the Eagles and their sycophant sports stations did to you all. Go re watch Slapshot and how Reg Dunlop got the town and team motivated with some B.S. story the team was being sold to a “syndicate” in Florida, all to drive interest. Same thing here. You have been taken for a ride. As long as Lurie is the owner, you can forget a Super Bowl win.

  19. Look on the bright side Eagles fans! Today is the 1st of the month which means most of you get “paid” today. Better get to the window to look for that mailman!

    1. Is it odd that I know a lot about welfare, being shot down for the prom and have the Friday night tv schedule memorized for gay kid shows?

  20. Titans were -120 to draft Mariota.

    Easy money.

    Caribbean vacation, here I come.

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