Eagles Parking Prices Are Going up Again

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Mariota surcharge? [If so, I’m totally cool with that].

Email from reader R, who forwards the message he got from his season ticket account rep:

Your Eagles pre-paid parking renewal invoice is now available online.  The price for a 2015 pre-paid parking pass is $350 for the full season ($35 per game).  Cash parking on Eagles game days this year will be $40 per game, so Season Ticket Members who purchase a pre-paid season pass will be receiving a $5 discount per game.

We are also pleased to offer you the option of purchasing additional pre-paid passes this year.  This offer is available to all Season Ticket Members on a first-come, first-served basis.  Pre-paid passes are available in the following locations:

Jetro Lots M-N (tailgating)

Citizens Bank Park Lots Q-X (no tailgating)

Click Here to log in to your Eagles Account Manager to access your parking invoice.  Please remember, if you wish to purchase pre-paid parking, your payment is due by May 20, 2015.

As you probably noticed, that is $5 more than last year ($30 for season ticket holders, $35 for the rest of us lemmings), an amount that had increased $10 from 2013. This seems… excessive.

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27 Responses

  1. If you pay to watch an NFL game you’re a fool.

    They’re free at home. The beer is better, the food is better, and you can watch other games during the 2+ hours of non-action that is found in your average NFL game.

    Or you can pay $40 to park and ..$80? for a ticket and $10 for a beer, and watch 22 guys stand on the field for 2 hours waiting to come back from commercial, then wait in traffic for 90min to come home.

    By the time you get home, I will have had a couple of more beers and watched more football. (for free)

    1. The tailgate is a social event. Have fun being a loner in your parents basement.

      1. lol tailgate.

        You pay to host a part on a piece of asphalt.

        My friends and family come to my house for the game. We have real food, bathrooms, grass, etc.

        We also don’t have to all pay $40 to the city/team as a cover charge.

      2. For $120 I can have my own Social Event by having some hooker suck on my knob while watching football and drinking beer.

      3. I’d much rather watch the game at my house or bar any day over handing my $$$ over to Jeffrey. get the redzone channel, cold beer, food & computer

      4. Nah, Meh is right. It’s overrated. I go to a few games for free each year to entertain clients but even then, I’d rather not. Traffic, parking, bathrooms, lousy beer and food. You can have it.

    2. Agreed. Between NFL Redzone and the cost/headache that entails attending a game, I don’t know why anyone would bother.

  2. Why would anyone buy the season pass? That includes 2 preseason games that no one goes to. Pay the 40 per game and save 30 bucks over the 8 games you will use it for

  3. Jeffrey is the biggest J ever milking the wt eagles fans out of every last nickel they own

    1. This is data from last year: https://www.teammarketing.com/public/uploadedPDFs/FOOTBALL_FCI_TWENTYFOURTEEN.pdf

      Stop complaining people. Supply and Demand in full effect here. The Eagles aren’t even as expensive as other major metropolitan markets (DC, Boston, New England/Boston, NY/NJ, Chicago). Hell even Baltimore is higher on the cost index. It’s funny how these other cities are ahead of Philly on the index and also socially in terms of class, tastes, wealth, etc. Seems like a potential correlation is there.

      1. The first half was good.

        The second half, not so much. Baltimore higher class & taste? This seems like an opinion, yours most likely.

    2. complaining about prices at the Eagles game is about as stupid as complaining about the hosts on two of the endless number of radio stations in the United States of America.

      if you don’t want to pay it, don’t go.

      the Flyers are also a much bigger rip off. $150+40 for one of 8 eagles games or $100+20 for one of 41 Flyers games.

      Also the Philadelphia Soul charge $20 for parking, so shut up about $40 being a big deal.

    3. You hit it on the head. Price is right. And he ain’t even an eagles fan. Hope the falcons pound Lurie’s birds opening day

  4. Even more reason to just stay the hell home and watch it on TV. They are really fucking up the fan experience down there…it’s like they don’t want anyone to go to games anymore.

    1. There’s these new machines called trains that run underground now. If you pay a small fee, go onto said train, it will take you to a place that you weren’t at when you entered the train. Then you exit said train and walk up the stairs and wait what? Where did Lincoln Financial Field come from? Wasn’t I just on chestnut street?

      If you live too far to walk to the underground train sorcery time portal, you can get on an above ground train in your town and take that to the underground star gate.

      On the way there and the way back, you can watch red zone or full NFL games on your Neato cool hand computer.

      Jeez I can’t understand why ANYONE would want to do that. I prefer to watch empty stadium games from the comfort of my own home.

      1. Is that the same train that you will get thrown up on, mugged or physically accosted by the drunks, assholes, criminals and thugs?

        Yeah, that sounds like something I’d love to pay for

      2. Have you ever had the joy of the cattle car before and after a game?

        I’m pretty sure the first stop on the line was Treblinka

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