Evan Turner Got Completely Stuffed by LeBron James Last Night


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    1. Yes Lenny Dykstra was totally high on cocaine,and nearly got into an all out brawl with Joe Conklin and they had to turn his microphone off because of constant,incoherent gibberish.

  1. The following nba players should be pursued in the off-season by Sam Hinkie:

    Sf Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs
    Sg Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
    Pg Reggie Jackson Detroit Pistons
    Pf Draymond Green Golden State Warriors

    I know they’re all restricted free agents but damnit the Sixers have the most cap space,and should make at least one of these players an offer he can’t refuse.

  2. Like I always said, “You come at the king, you best not miss.” Or in ET’s case, you best not even bother.
    I love how LBJ told him all about it afterward.

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