EXCLUSIVE: Chip Kelly’s Email Hacked!

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Faux_gmail_chip_kelly_12_p[click to enlarge]

Credit Jim Adair and Dan Hays with the assists. Design work by the insanely talented Matt MacMillan.


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    1. Overheard at Philly Inquirer HQ: Les Bowen is currently passed out at the P&P. He is considering a transfer to Provo , Utah.

  1. wow its sad you put so much time into making this. its very forced and predictable, and simply not funny. you must have more free time than…me! #ineedajob #anyonehiring?

    1. Sean, I’m looking for a pool boy.

      You up for servicing me….err, I mean my pool?

  2. Loved the Evan Mathis email for the Rick Astley youtube video. That’s some second level humor

  3. Kyle, humor is used to veil itself around the Truth. 1st rule of Comedy: Nothing is Sacred. Not even Chip Kelly’s Balls.

  4. The only lines that were funny are Belichick and SalPal, all the others were too obvious.

    Some suggestions:
    Tebow: Thanks for bringing me on board coach!
    Tebow: BTW-I gave the pics back to Coop, but if I need to use them again, I will ; /
    Roseman: They’re out of house blend so I got you french vanilla : )
    Pope: good job. ticket punched.
    Hinkie: Touche! But just wait till the NBA draft!
    Jerry Jones: F/U
    Christie: Can I stand next to you for a quick photo op?

  5. 1st time I put on Bob this morning, can’t see the show lasting long . Can tell freckle tits has no clue about sports

  6. That was enjoyable. I loved the Britt McHenry email along with Tebow signing him up for scripture of the day.

    1. Great, Kyle made Amanda giggle. Now we’re not going to be allowed to type “Amanda” in comments anymore.

  7. He’s a CHIP…. off the old block, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’d chip my tooth on his twiddle stick!

    1. Yes, genius. That’s exactly the word I would use for this rehashed idea. Genius.

  8. I guess Chip never got my e-mails about giving me some tix so I can offer fans the chance to go on road trips with the team.

  9. Know what would make this site way better? A shit ton more ads.

    And what happened to engaging more with the readers? Guess that just lasted those 2 days?

    Also-was Jim Adair the original Bob?

  10. Grade C+ at best. Few smiles but no actual “laugh out loud” moments. The Amaro one was better but please take this off of “sticky” as its terrible. Also, stop rehashing old shit.

    Granted, still in a dead zone of sports until next Thursday…

    Stick to self proclaimed “Radio Wars.”

  11. Kyle needs to do a review on breakfast on broad & the cuz’s new show

  12. It’s not HAHA funny. As a matter a fact it is not any type of funny. I hate you.

  13. This was the lowest thing I have even seen coming from two People that claim to represent Philly sports. I hope your sponsors drop you. Who makes fake accounts to get visitors? Sit back and thing about where you want to go in life. You mock people and think it’s ok? There are honest writers out there that try to make an honest living every day. Are you guys in 5th grade? Did your parents take you and Jim to bring your kids to work day?

    1. Andy Bloom? Is that you?

      Wonder what its like to have no sense of humor whatsoever…

      I didn’t really think the post was all that funny, but I’m not writing my congressman about it…

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