Freddy Galvis is Cold


That, or he just can’t bear to watch this team either.

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15 Responses

  1. You know what else is cold? The $3 Bud Light ‘s at Pitcher’s Pub baby!! Come on out and help me pay my rent!

  2. Watching the game for the amusement factor. Fans braving the cold and wind getting their heroin fix. All addicts.

  3. After the Phillies game,join me and the rest of my no-life having buddies(Murray from Mayfair,Chris from Williamstown,Levi from Overbrook Jeff from Camden)as we once again take over the 94wip airwaves.

  4. Kyle, this site is a mess with all these ads the last two weeks, can you please at least address the changes? I love this site, and have been a multiple-visits per day visitor for years but, jesus christ man, it’s impossible on my phone anymore with the video popups.

  5. Any man who has to wear that when the temperature is above freezing is a fuckin’ pussy! He was an embarrassment to the team on national TV! Also, that fuckin’ strike zone box is so annoying it ruins the game!

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