Harry Kalas’ 2008 World Series Ring is Up for Auction Right Now

kalas ring1

When it comes to Phillies memorabilia, this might be the absolute pinnacle: Harry Kalas’ 2008 World Series ring. The ring is expected to fetch from $50,000-$75,000. It’s already at $28,000. According to the auction, a portion of the money raised from the ring’s sale will go to one of Harry’s favorite charities:

Harry Kalas personal 2008 ring may well represent the most significant specimen that will become available to the collecting public with regard to his importance to the team, its fans, and the city of Philadelphia. The ring has been consigned to the auction directly by the Kalas family and we are pleased to announce that they will be donating a portion of the sale proceeds to the Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association to which Harry was a devoted supporter for many seasons.

There is a ton of other Phils-related memorabilia also up for auction (like a CBP foul pole net, Shibe Park turnstile, and about 289 more things), but it really doesn’t get any better than this.

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17 Responses

  1. That’s nothing, I am auctioning off my collection of flat brimmed Angel’s baseball caps. If you are the winner, I am also throwing in a skull shaver.

  2. And then there’s Item #288
    1982 Ruben Amaro autographed Philadelphia Phillies professional model home jersey…..No bids yet.
    Good to see that Willie Montanez and Tony Taylor individual jerseys are doing well in the bidding.

  3. No shock to see this up for auction by the “Kalas family,” more specifically his gold digging widow

  4. That was on my finger when they buried me! Stolen from the hands of a dead man! Must of been that fuckin Wheeler!

    1. I believe the money will go towards more pretentious, operatic singing lessons for Kane.

      Considering that ring isn’t very old, it looks pretty grimy. Did they dig it out of Harry’s grave? Or did he love it so much he put it up his ass?

  5. is there any way to add a very nice sink into this auction? It is “authentic” memorobelia from the ’93 Phils

  6. The ring would cost Ryan Howard less than 3 innings worth of work.. That’s awesome Mann! Stay tuned for my mornin show!

  7. I got a Pete Incaviglia jock strap I would be willing to sell for the right price. He threw it to me after a walk off home run in 93. I cherish it but have recently fallen on tough times.

  8. I hope the phillies ponied up the $44k to keep it with the team. Disgrace that is for sale. Harry should have been buried with that on his finger.

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