HBO Star Recounts Time Flyers Fans Threw Batteries at Santa Claus

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Zach Woods, whom you may recognize from HBO’s outstanding Silicon Valley or The Office or Veep, was a guest on Marc Maron’s podcast this week, and Woods, who grew up in Trenton, amalgamated every Philly fan cliché into one during this exchange where he and Maron explained (mostly correctly) the dingy feel of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia:

Maron: “It just feels like there’s a dark and post-industrial vibe.”

Woods: “Right. It’s also, Philadelphia’s kind of a racist city and their sports – and I’m not like a big sports guy – but I remember when I was growing up and Santa Claus would skate onto the ice around Christmas time at Flyers games and people would throw batteries at Santa Claus.”

Maron: “That’s not racist– it’s just weird anti-Santa shit. That’s just fucked up.”

Woods: “It’s so weird… because you could throw drinks or things they have at the stadium, but batteries are premeditated, like you have to bring a battery from home.”

Maron: “Why batteries, why specifically at Santa?”

Woods: “It’s a complicated combination of elements.”

Indeed it is, Zach.

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  1. Revisionist Sports History…..why not go all the way and claim that Brian Williams was there the day that Concrete Charley beheaded Frank Gifford ?

    “Are you not Entertained ? “

  2. Who the fuck is the “star”;or, for that matter; who fuck is Maron?

    Who cares about wither of them?

    And, as much as I don’t give a flying fuck about the roast last week: how bad was it really, if, after promoting it alot last week, you won’t even mention it now? Christ, if you won’t even let Jim write…oh, sorry..copy/paste… something about it, it must have been bad.

  3. Hey “HUH?” do you live in a fucking bubble you twit- Maron only hosts one of the highest rated pod casts on the internet- He’s been on a ton of shows including Louie and his own show self titled maron- read something besides a fucking blog you jackass!

    1. Anybody know how to insert the picture of the “special” kid getting the Boy Scout award?

    2. He’s on all this shit and still no one knows who he is. And is having the highest rated podcast akin to being the tallest midget in the circus? Fuck him

  4. Any truth to the rumor of Chip Kelly acquiring Miami Dolphins OLB/DE Dion Jordan for a 3rd and 5th rd pick?

  5. Ok dickbag, that’s just a bunch of bullshit. Get your Santa story straight before you invent how you witnessed something that actually never happened you fugging douchenozzle!!!

  6. I remember one time I listened to two comedians on a comedy podcast. And everything they said was 100% accurate and true. Chickens really did cross the road. A moron really did throw a clock. A priest, a rabbi and a duck really did walk into the bar. A man really did hold an elephant’s nose until he turned blue and then shot him with a blue elephant gun. A grasshopper named Irving really was depressed and went to a bar. The moth really did go to the psychiatrist.

  7. Mark Marron is one of these guys who just isn’t funny and you ask how did he become important? And this other dork should go back to blowing his friends dog.

  8. I remember the game in the 80’s when a hobo blew the phanatic i threw batteries at both of them.

  9. This is how urban legends, national media laziness, and just plain stupidity converge. Philadelphia is not a racist city (was a long time ago). Greatest history of black QB’s in NFL history. This idiot converged the supremely over hyped “snowballs at Santa” incident with a fantasy of I don’t know what? There NEVER was an incident of batteries and Santa with the Flyers.

    J.D. Drew is another matter but other cities pull this crap routinely.

    AS for Michael Irvin, Kansas City booed their OWN QB when he got badly hurt.

    Can someone please shut these insipid clowns up?


    1. The amount of black quarterbacks a city has had is an excellent metric to seeing how racist they are. I mean, look at New England!

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