Here’s Circus Act Mr. Belding in an Iron Pigs Bacon Hat

Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_11-15-43_AM Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_11-08-10_AM

Dennis Haskins – Mr. Belding to just about everyone who knows who he is – now earns(?) a living making low-level public appearances, an existence that led to at least his second appearance with a Phillies minor league affiliate and this picture in the Iron Pigs’ (awesome) bacon hat, which is fitting, because Haskins… well, he looks like he’s had his fair share:

Photo: Iron Pigs
Photo: Iron Pigs

If you’re interested in your own Mr. Belding, he’s apparently available for karaoke performances:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_11-19-25_AM

When’s the Draft again?


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  1. Saved by the Bell reruns get better ratings then my show.

    Also, Dennis Haskins is fat and not from here, just like Josh Innes.

  2. I love to slice up some bacon with my machete.

    Let’s get cooking. I have the gas too.

  3. My fav episode was when Mr Belding taught Lisa how to cross the street at a light and use a turn signal and wave when other motorist let you in.

    1. & how to make a nice clean transaction at a store register while not holding up a line

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