Insane Rumor: Eagles Want to Trade Bradford for Manziel and Picks so They Can Trade for Mariota

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

That headline is somehow not right out of the “crazy Sal Pal headline generator” or the “Kyle Scott wet dream database”: According to Chat Sports writer Mack Ferguson, the Eagles and Browns are discussing a trade that would bring Johnny Manziel (still currently in rehab) and the Browns’ first round pick this year to the Eagles while sending newly-minted Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford to Cleveland. The Eagles would then, reportedly, try to use the Browns pick (and likely Manziel or someone else) to move up into the 2-4 range to draft Marcus Mariota. It’s also worth mentioning that the Eagles originally owned the #22 pick last year, which they traded to the Browns, who promptly used it to draft Manziel.

This is all very insane, and would (if completed) make the Eagles’ offseason one of the craziest in recent memory, for any team. They re-signed Mark Sanchez, traded Nick Foles, acquired Sam Braford, could possibly trade Bradford to acquire Johnny Goddamn Manziel, and then either keep Manziel or move him, acquiring Marcus Mariota in the process as well. And then, say all of that happens up to the last part, and the Eagles are able to trade into the #3 pick. What if Winston and Mariota go #1 and #2? That means you did all of that just to have Mark Sanchez be your starting quarterback. Part of me kinda hopes that will happen just because the sheer insanity of it might just knock Sal Pal into next week. The takes would be so hot we’d all need Geiger counters. Fans would be so afraid of buying Eagles jerseys in case a player gets traded that Modell’s would go out of business. I’d have to make another flowchart thing and people would keep making fun of me for it. It would be the best.

This is, of course, completely unsubstantiated and coming from someone most people have never heard of, but it’s dominating the talk today anyway.


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  1. This is all very insane, and would (if completed) make the Eagles’ offseason one of the craziest in recent memory for any team…. No mention of Demarco

  2. Only if Johnny Football ends up being the final piece. I don’t even care if the team stinks.

  3. My guess is Chip is just gonna wait and see who lands Mariota, then trade himself and Josh Huff to that team.

  4. Why the F not? Let’s do this!

    Johnny Football and #19 in the draft for Bradford is a steal. Just can’t take Johnny Football on road trips to Miami and NYC. Too much yay blowing around in those parts.

    Can you imagine Johnny Football day parties down the shore all summer though? That would be a grand spectacle.

  5. This dude is a joke. I don’t even want him here for a week just to get Mariota because of the small chance it all falls through and we’re stuck with him.

  6. Eagles to sign McNabb and trade him for pick to get Mariota.


  7. I guess it’s time for a stupid poll on an unsubstantiated rumor.

    1. “Better to have Manziel than Marcus Smith”.If you’re a cocaine dealer yes,if you’re the Eagles head coach who prides himself on signing and drafting players with no character issues hell no.
      Andy you turd smarten up.Dope

          1. I feel your pain…

            Somewhat off topic, does anyone know why they pulled those Johnny Manziel blow up dolls off of Amazon? I wonder where someone could get one now-a-days… eBay? It’s for a friend.

          2. Of course you feel his pain bobby, you’re queerer than a 3 dollar bill.

  8. first off, this radio thing at the bottom of the page has to go! I thought my computer had a virus.

    Remember when some jackass from the New York Metro was reporting a deal was already in place with the jets for the sixth pick…..what happened with that? Now some other jerkoff is saying a trade is being worked out for johnny beiber and the Browns 12th pick for Bradford??? The browns would have to give me at least both their first round picks just to take beiber off their hands, the guy is a walking joke and didn’t Chip have the opportunity to take him last year but traded the pick???

  9. Just imagine the amount of nose candy that will be snorted at a Johnny Cokehead’s Jersey Shore party.There would be lines of coke longer than Broad st.

          1. Maybe ‘The Situation’ could be there too. Oooh, he’s such a spicy meatball! All greasy and whatnot! Mmmmm. I want to be the meat in that Manziel-Situation sandwich!

            Has anyone seen my Astroglide?

  10. Michael Vick is better than that pussy Manziel! How can this even be a subject???

  11. You can buy Eagles jerseys without names, MORON (“Fans would be so afraid of buying Eagles jerseys in case a player gets traded that Modell’s would go out of business.”).

    Did anyone else see Johnny at PHL (an airport) yesterday? Leaving rehab in Reading?

    Or/and visiting with Coach K?

  12. here are some facts:

    1 – everyone and their mother knows that Chip is bluffing when he says “Sam is my man”
    2 – the Redskins set the precedent for how much it takes to move up to grab a QB in the top of the first round (don’t remember exactly but it was a TON of high picks).

    Any GM worth his salt is going to use both of these factors to their advantage and ask for a hell of a lot more than a couple middle / late first round picks and a QB in rehab.

    If the Eagles can put together a package of #19 and #20 from this year, plus Johnny Football (or someone else) in exchange for the right to draft Mariota – that will be the steal of the century.

  13. I’d totally be down with Johnny Dollar Signs. I’d make him give me a Pink Wish, except instead of crossing his fingers he’d do that money hand gesture instead inside me.

    You know me a say?

  14. cant wait until the draft is over and i dont have to fucking hear about mariota anymore.

    1. oh don’t worry, no matter where Mariota goes in the draft, jerkoffs like sal pal and geoff mosher will still be pushing the idea that Chip Kelly has to go and get “his guy”. I think Mariota is a great kid but he has shown no ability to make an nfl throw on a consistent basis and chip doesnt run the exact same offense he did in Oregon so the kid isn’t plug and play like every dope on tv thinks….he’s a major project


      Did I tell ya? Massimo sharted yesterday and lil’ Ant ate his booger. I got the pics! It was cccclllaaaaaaasiiiiicccc! Hee-hee! Awwwwweeeeesooooommmmeee!

    1. They are too busy jerking each other off and “moderating” (read deleting) comments that are critical of them. Fucking losers.

  15. Who in their right fucking mind would trade a high 1st round draft pick for Manziel who was drafted as a low 1st rounder and THEN WENT TO REHAB even if they throw in the Browns 1st round pick? WHO would do this? Cleveland wouldn’t give you 12th and Manziel for Bradford so you’re talking 19th at best and Manziel for Bradford. Nobody is taking Manziel and low 1st round draft picks for a top 3 pick.

      1. Were you the dwarf, the dog, or the guy in the rain jacket with a hook for a hand?

  16. Believe it or not this deal is going to happen. However, Johnny Manziel is not part at the deal. It will be Bradford for the Browns 1st round pick. So it looks like Mariota will be an Eagle. Craziest offseason in Eagles history.

      1. But doable. I wanted to add that. Personal experience has taught me that. The dildo was a good 6 inches in circumference too! REALLY stretched me out.

  17. So at #12, with no Bradford, the Eagles would get absolutely raked by whomever to trade down to get Marcus since Foles/Bradford are gone and it would be obvious we have no QB and would HAVE to make the move. We have no leverage in this situation, its a bad spot to be in. Chip is not this dumb to put himself in such a desperate spot (this is a desperate spot) – we need to move on.

  18. over/under on the number of unsubstantiated trade rumors involving the Eagles and Mariota in the next 3 weeks leading up to the draft?




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