Here’s something you probably didn’t realize: New York prosecutors are still investigating Chris Christie’s administration’s role in those George Washington Bridge lane-closures. And in wrapping up the investigation and tying up loose ends, Christie’s best friend, Jerry Jones, came up.

Basically, investigators are looking to see if Christie and Jones’ friendship has given Jones unfair business advantages. The prosecutors have reportedly subpoenaed records that are related to the “contract to operate the World Trade Center observation deck — a lucrative deal awarded to a company partially owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.” If that sounds familiar, it’s because that deal came to light when Chris Christie couldn’t stop hugging Jerry Jones in public. The issue is that Jones paid for flights and tickets for Christie and members of his family to attend Cowboys games. Christie said it wasn’t an issue because they’re personal friends, but Jones’ company’s contract was with the Port Authority, and Christie is responsible for the appointment of half the Port Authority’s board members and top staffers. Christie says he and Jones didn’t become personal friends until after the 2013 deal took place, you know, like “Hey you got me that contract and now we’re friends,” or something like that.