Iron Pigs Strike Back at Anti-Baconers by Showing How Delicious it Looks


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  1. Tell you what, I would rather punch a baby in the face than miss an opportunity to enjoy scrumptious bacon and other lovely pork-based products! Either you love bacon, or you are wrong!

  2. Are we sure these anti-bacon “doctors” aren’t really Islamic terrorists? I mean, think about it: they hate bacon, ham, and all pork, pork is icky. Fuck ’em. Thanks a lot, Obama. They’re here.

    1. And the swine,though he divide the hoof,and be clovenfooted,yet he cheweth not the cud;he is unclean to you.

    2. And the swine,because it divideth the hoof,yet cheweth not the cud,it is unclean unto you:ye shall not eat their flesh,nor touch their dead carcase.

      And I’m American and Caucasian as the next man.

  3. The people who order these foods at ball games are henpecked middle-aged men who eat salmon and kale with quinoa from Wegman’s the other 6 nights of the week.

  4. Kyle-

    Any chance you could install a log in for comments so nobody steals my handle?

    Also, Jim – I love you. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows!!

  5. I was eating some bacon while I blew my load into Gargano’s mouth in the bathroom stall at Primo and say “Thats awesome bro!”


    1. It’s just you.What’s the matter big guy upset at Josh for calling you guys out for not ripping Chase Utley for being the washed up has been of a player that he currently is.Oh wait you’re upset that he’s not from here meanwhile Angelo Cataldi has the #1 rated show in town and guess what you moron he’s from Rhode Island.

      1. Really a bacon post?Give me sausage and lots of it.Stick it right in my face and slap me with it.I love it when the sausage juice squirts all over my face.My prius has a bumper sticker that says “Sausage Party Van”.Kyle, are you ever going to create a login and password so all these fake Bobs stop posting as me?

    2. Better question:

      Anyone here who actually listens to sports talk radio who prefers missanelli over Bruno and innes? If so, why?

  7. Damn. I come here for sports analysis and all I get is stories about hot dogs, bacon and Les Bowen.

  8. I will say this about bacon; I used to cook it in a cast iron skillet, now I bake it. It so much better than I knew all these yrs. Just a tip.

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