Jeff Francoeur Wore a Batting Glove on His Throwing Hand, Like an 8-Year-Old


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    1. so do the sixers but at least they have a plan

  1. Do you actually watch any sports Kyle? He wore it yesterday and they talked about it for a whole half inning

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Crossing Broad- Where we claim were the best but were consistently a day last and a dollar short. Unless Jay Wright farts. If that’s the case we are right there to eat it, and sell corny t-shirts.

  2. At the game Thursday night and witnessed the implosion. At what point do the Phillies start putting the free tickets back in the hot dog packages? That’s the only way people are going to come now.

      1. Far from it my friend.

        I like to meet random black guys on the DL and tongue fish their fart boxes until a massive turd finds its way into my chaffed throat. I then like to suck them off so long and hard that I vomit and then spread it all over myself. After that, I prefer to have my dick “sounded” using a pencil. Look it up….

  3. He did the same thing Wed night and just missed an outfield assist. You would know that if you paid attention to the actual sport instead of the gossipy aspects of the sport. But that’s you in a nutshell you doosh. You have no knowledge of the nuts and bolts of sports. You just focus on whatever twitter is saying about it. Learn something from the man who passed away today. Know the sport you talk about. Hold yourslef to Hochman’s standard. You’ll last a lot longer.

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    1. Seriously, your asking Kyle Scott for an opinion…….
      Your obviously are new around here. If it cant be “cut n pasted” Kyle Scott no can do or say.

      1. But you come here anyway looking for “someting interesting to read”. If you don’t like what Kyle is writing stopping coming back.


        1. I’ll see your Sanchez, and raise you the Mo Ne shirt that Kyle unveiled two weeks late, on the same afternoon she lost to Nevada.

          Even his awful Ochie shirt had 24 hours of relevance. ..

  5. This asswipe of an inept ballplayer cost the team the game last night by pulling up lazy at the game’s defining moment (cost 4 runs), then pulling a curly shuffle chasing the ball down, and you write about his fucking batting glove? God this site sucks..

  6. With the bases loaded, he could have caught that ball if he dived for it. Probably afraid he’d get his uniform dirty.

  7. Typically the Trolls are in the comment section. Looks like we’re rubbing off on Kyle and his BFF.

    It’s late. It’s not interesting. Who cares, if it’s how he plays and what he’s used to. When you play your professional baseball games, you don’t have to wear the glove.

    Now, let’s count the “articles” until Kyle posts pics of people wearing Jerseys of people who don’t play anymore and how those fans are douches.

    God I love a site where the blogger is as toolish as the commenters.

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