Jonathan Papelbon Gives up a Cycle While Wearing Carlos Ruiz’s Jersey


Jonathan Papelbon was wearing Carlos Ruiz’s jersey for some reason today, and gave up four hits (single, double, triple, home run), four runs, and walked one batter while getting one out. Earlier in the game, the Rays had two #51s on the field, one of which was not on the Phillies broadcasters’ lineup sheets. This is Spring Training baseball.

Kyle: Ending spring on a strong note. It’s gonna be a long summer. Real long.


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  1. It is going to be a long couple of seasons coming up. Still, I cannot wait for a warm day, ice cold beer, some peanuts (a warm sack of salty nuts :), and to watch a Phillies game. I have no other choice, so I have to say, “Go Phillies!”

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