Jonathan Papelbon Wants Out “If” Phillies Continue to Lose

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Hahahahahahahahahahah. “If.”

Jonathan “not a Phillie” Papelbon told Jim Salisbury that he will be disappointed if the Phillies fail to trade him this year and if they “continue to lose.” It’s the world’s smallest “if.” Papelbon continued to Salisbury:

“If we can rebuild this situation and make it right, and we can get some wins underneath our belt and Ryne Sandberg can get us going, that’s a whole different story. To me, that’s a better part of the story because now I’ve been a part of this remodeling. I’ve been a part of getting this bullpen correct. I’ve been a part of something that’s becoming a winning tradition and going back to the way it was before I got here. To me, there’s no better reward than that.”

Sure Paps. There is no better reward than turning the team around and getting them back on the road to glory. You got three or four years to spare?


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  1. The crusty old scribes get their panties into the biggest twists over Papelbons snarky comments to them. They just wanted to feel like they are a part of them team and Paps just pisses in their faces.

    1. That’s Oddaball Herrera. He has tons of potential and Ryne Sandberg has “got him going” (did you see the way he almost caught that ball in CF the other night?). I’m working on a trade to ship him to the Angels for Mike Trout. Then I’m packaging Ryan Howard and Chooch to the Dodgers for Kershaw. Chillax, folks, me and Paps got this whole rebuild and win thang under control.

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  3. Wow, Papelbon handled that interview just fine and you’re still on his back! What exactly did you want him to say? Are you trying to create a story out of thin air?

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