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Les Bowen is UNHAPPY with the Eagles’ decision not to invite media to their annual playground build, which took place at Spruance Elementary School in Philadelphia today. Inexplicably, Bowen complained about the fact that the Eagles did something nice without grabbing the low-hanging fruit of free publicity by inviting media and cameras to the event, which undoubtedly would’ve led to TENS of inane questions about a third-string quarterback. HOW DARE THEY!

Les, spurred on by this Tweet from the ever-passive Geoff Mosher:

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Voila_Capture 2015-04-22_04-54-25_PMFor once, I agree with Spike Eskin:

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Les not happy about this and other responses:

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UPDATE: This, predictably, became the Eskins vs. Bowen:

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Actually gotta give this one to Les for that last response. This thing should’ve had a happy ending. #lesbowenmeltdown #jerkoffs