Local Hero wants to Tell You About all the Best Public Toilets

I’ve been there, those doors are amazing: When choosing a bar or restaurant, it’s always nice to have some kind of idea of what their bathroom situation is like. One of my favorite bars has FOUR single-occupancy shitters, which really keeps wait times down. But if you spend some real time figuring out if you should wait ’til you get home or just unleash the fury where you are, we might have found your new best friend.

That brief show above, Golden Thrones, is all about finding the best bathrooms in the Philly area. So far he’s only hit Barra (above), Longwood Gardens, and the HQ of Johnny on the Spot (both after the jump), but you might want to keep your eyes out for future installments. Or at least take some mental notes on your own.

[h/t reader Danny, via Barstool]

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5 Responses

  1. I don’t have a negative comment here, I just literally don’t care about this post. But you got my link click so you can at least sell that to Godfathers lock for their next ad

  2. Be better if dude had a write up over fucking YouTube videos that I have zero interest in clicking on. Better yet how about doing a post on the best bathrooms to do coke in. Mine is cooperage wine bar in the Curtis center

  3. Misconduct tavern on 15th and locust has the best bathrooms to shit in while at publicly.

    It’s also good for 2 other things

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