Local Sporting Goods Store Offers Traded Player Jersey Insurance


Are you nervous about the Eagles draft tonight because you’ve got a Fletcher Cox or Mychal Kendricks (or Sam Bradford, but why) jersey? Did you buy that jersey at Schuylkill Valley Sports? Do you have your receipt? Well then you’re in luck. If those dudes are dealt tonight you can keep that jersey, show your receipt, and get 50% off of a Mariota another Eagle’s jersey.

It’s a great deal if you fit into that relatively tight criteria, until the dude on your new jersey gets traded too. Or do what I did: Convince someone to buy you a Kelce jersey for your birthday.

Kyle: This, folks, is how you hedge your bets, from a business standpoint.


8 Responses

    1. How do you have time to be doing this? Very impressed with your dedication…to nothingness

  1. Damn, thought Little Jimmy was going to get through a whole post without Kyle sticking his head in…I had hope.

  2. They’re gonna be taking it up the ass on this one since Philadelphia teams trade players faster than rocks get thrown at the Baltimore police!

  3. It looks like there are no math or retail majors in the house. All they are really doing is selling two (not one, but TWO) jerseys at 25% off. Which, at some point they would be selling jerseys at that price anyway – regardless of who it is during the off season. Good move.

  4. Bullet 2 clearly starts “Insurance may not be purchased on …”

    You don’t just show up with your receipt. You have to PURCHASE insurance when you purchase the jersey.

    If your guy never gets traded, you gave the store free money.

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