Mariota Trade Could Happen After He’s Picked or Right Now or Never

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Is that some orange on his shorts or is he just… photo credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Next Thursday will finally be the end of all of the Marcus Mariota to the Eagles speculation, so then we can move on to other topics. Or not. Also there are no other topics.

According to Jason La Canfora at CBS Sports, Mariota could be picked at number two by the Tennessee Titans, and still end up as an Eagle:

The Tennessee Titans will be open to exploring any deal that makes sense for them. The Eagles, Browns, Chargers and possibly Rams will all have at least some degree of interest, and there is ample potential for a swap to occur before the Titans make their selection …

It could just as well occur sometime after, whether it sometime later during the first round of the draft next Thursday, or even perhaps days or weeks after [Ed. note: Weeeeeeeks]. Surely, a few wrinkles could get a bit more tricky in the aftermath of the Titans using the pick, though even then a corresponding transaction would be hardly impossible.

As Bleeding Green Nation points out, the “picking a player first and then trading him” is more of an NBA-style move than NFL, “but if there was ever a time for an unconventional trade to be made, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Chip Kelly involved in it.” So basically it comes down to this: The Eagles could make the trade for the number two pick tomorrow. Or on draft night. Or they could trade for Mariota after he’s picked. Or weeks later. Or after his second season. Or never. This will never end.


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  1. Lol. Citing Jason La Canfora for a story is worse than copying David Murphy, writing a one sentence opinion, then calling it your own.

  2. They can’t do the trade BEFORE the draft dude. What if Tampa takes Mariota with the first pick? Then they’re assed out with the second pick and no QB because there is no way in HELL Chip takes Winston.

    If it happens at all, it’ll happen next Thursday night.

  3. So after next week when the birds do not get Mariota, what will the sports talk shows drone on about next? Is it too soon to talk about the NBA draft?

    1. My helmet hair and I will be talking about next year’s draft every day on SportsCenter for the next 365 days.

      1. Wtf did you see that updo this morning. That thing is perfection. His colorist should be embarrassed.

    2. What will they talk about? Eythan Shander and Harry Mayes, Gargano and Missanelli and Josh Innes will all talk for three months about how the Eagles can package their first round pick and their third round pick in 2016, Sam Bradford, Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox to Tampa/Titans/Chargers for Mariota.

      Gargano, Shander and Mayes are obsessed with it and sound like immature little boys begging for a Christmas gift.

      Missanelli is beating that deadh0rse because his boy Sal Pal came up with this crazy notion and Missanelli had all those #dothedeal tee shirts printed up he needs to get rid of.

      And Innes is all on it because it’s this wild crazy thing “Big Balls Chip” should do.

      It ain’t gonna happen.

  4. Another bullshit article.For the last damn time the Eagles are not getting Mariota OKAY OKAY!

  5. Any coverage of the roast? Dozens of people that this blog covers were there participating, even more in attendance. I guess that I just expected some mention of it, especially given how much you were pimping it last week.

    1. That would require Kyle actually doing work.

      He already reached his weekly quota on that by writing a few hundred meandering words about BOB. Until the weekend, it’s just going to be copying and pasting links to sports stories hat are like, 3 days old or whatever.

      But definitely, newspapers suck. Whiny beat writers. GET A LIFE.

  6. Any idea why Tony Bruno was a no-show?

    Im hearing lots of problems with the Josh /Tony / WIP / Miss Robin Relationship.
    Too Mnay cooks in the kitchen. Management already told her to stay out of the studio, let see what happens.

      1. Is this the same dude a week into their show was posting on here that Innes and Bruno were screaming at each other in the halls, that Inness hated Miss Robin, that within WIP they knew the ratings were terrible and that the show would be cancelled soon?

        And now its what? The number 1 rated afternoon drive show in all of radio in this market?

        1. Never posted that they were screaming at eachother. Wouldn’t know.

          Did post that they suck. That I know.

    1. Damn, not really Jim’s fault but damn this site sucks lately. I know that it’s a bit of a Philly sports dead time period since we’re not competitive in basketball, hockey or baseball, but there’s still some stories I’m sure.

  7. I know for a fact that Tony and Josh are cool. No issues there. I dont see them being the #1 show, but they will be around for a while.

    The issue still remians Miss R0bin. Between her twitter nonsense, and always feeling the need to chime in, its starting to become a problem. Not to mention, she acts like the producer of the show. They threw a bogus title at her, but its just to play nice.

    1. I think that you’re greatly overestimating the amount of interest we have in Miss Robin. Thanks for the updates and all but nobody gives a crap.

    2. Glen, what do you mean with this Miss R0BIN stuff?

      I probably listen two hours a day. 1 – 2 and 5 – 6. I don’t think I ever heard her on the air, and I’ve heard Josh mention her once.

      Is she the third mic from 3-5 or something? What am I missing?

      Also, you “great Bacon hunt” or whatever the hell you called it, is more boring that the eating stunts your drummed up in order to get yourself free meals and cheap airtime.

  8. thought there would be something on the roast after the way this site plugged it for the last 6 weeks. Pure Laziness

    1. Kyle’s playing nice with mainstream media and not updating his blog here as much. Wonder if he’s thinking of an exit strategy from CB and looking for a job.

    2. Totally agree. You asked for commenters to supply jokes and then you file no report on how it went? I saw some video on you tube. Didn’t look funny at all. Are you afraid to tell us that?

  9. It sounds like they got her out of grade school to do the sports.

  10. Does anyone really care about that “Roast”? It’s just a bunch of has-beens or never-was gathered around thinking that they’re amusing. When in reality, they’re just a bunch of pathetic losers

      1. Thanks. Although that would mean having to frequent this site more often. And since I don’t really care about the sixers draft picks, 800 mariota rumors, or the Comcast center, there’s really no reason to

  11. Here’s when the Mariota speculation will finally end…when Chip retreats back to the NCAA after missing the playoffs this season.

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