Nerlens Noel Finishes Third in Rookie of the Year Voting

Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Nerlens Noel really turned it on the second half of the year and made a huge push in the Rookie of the Year race. But was it enough? Not even close. Nerlens finished third with 141 total points to Nikola Mirotic’s 335 and Andrew Wiggins’ 604.

Only Keith Pompey, Mike Breen, and Molly Sullivan gave Nerlens #1 votes — et tu, Zumoff? — while people like Bill Simmons and Hubie Brown tossed 2nd place votes his way. Here’s how it all broke down:


The Sixers will have another shot at bringing that ROTY trophy to the Wells Fargo next year with Joel Embiid (and maybe D’Angelo Russell). The year after that? It’s Dario’s to lose.


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  1. The fact that Wiggins won is a joke. He was playing so many minutes it inflated his numbers.

    Noel was far better than Wiggins in important categories.

    Wiggins VORP was negative Noel 1.6

    Noel’s WS was more than double Wiggins

    Noel’s PER was 15.0 Wiggins 13.9

    Noel dusted Wiggins in every advanced stat besides TOV%.

    Mirotic should’ve beat both of them.

  2. Constantly chiming in while I’m trying to watch the game. Why do regional sports networks think a sideline reporter is necessary. It’s not a national broadcast.

  3. If the sixers leave town will everyone become 3/3 guys in philadelphia?

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