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14 Responses

  1. Coming up today on the Afternoon Zoo…..we invite 4 strippers into the studio to talk to them about SEX. Then, a bunch of black people call up and I remind them I played high school basketball with “the brothas” so I’m all cool with it. Other topics include: me, my career, myself, the St. Louis Cardinals, Houston sports, LSU, my girlfriend, Manayunk, bars, beer and, of course, me.

    Also, maybe some sports talk but I’m not making any promises. And Tony, I guess, might speak or something.

    1. Only the edgiest and most breath of fresh airiest strippers will be invited.

    2. why does everyone kill josh innes and sean brace, but have been listening to cataldi for 25 years?

      1. I’d be willing to bet that most of those who criticize Innes and Brace listen to Preston and Steve, not WIP, in the morning.

        1. really, preston and steve? i’d rather listen to innes and brace then that snoozefest.

        2. This seems to be accurate. I don’t know who actually does listen to Cataldi, everyone seems to hate him. Someone must, right? I mean, besides all those brain-dead mouth-breathers that call into his show.

  2. I would love to Suck whipped cream off jillian mele’s tits

  3. He can search for my ball all night long, if you know what I mean…..

  4. As we come out of the harsh Winter the companies that sell windows want to help you prepare for the brutal Summer. Speaking of brutal how about the way our station threw Sean out on the street. He’s now living in a box by the Mission but if he needed windows he would turn to our friends at Big Windows.

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