PSMFO64: Congratulations to Scott Franzke

Voila_Capture 2015-04-15_03-31-12_PMVoila_Capture 2015-04-15_03-27-39_PMCongratulations to Scott Franzke, winner of the longest, most drawn-out voting process in history. He beat Mike Missanelli in the championship of the Philly Sports Media Field of 64, based on nearly 2,500 votes. He’ll be retired from competition and join Ray Didinger in our Hall of Fame. And yet, he’ll remain in the radio booth.

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35 Responses

  1. Maybe someone from Comcast will realize how popular Franzke is (especially paired with LA) and move them to TV.

    TMac seems like a nice guy, but he’s just not very good (and was put in the impossible situation of filling HK’s shoes).

    Next season will be 7 years since HK died, and I think Franzke could be the next voice of the Phillies.

      1. They’re better than McCarthy and anyone who happens to get paired with him, and they’d do what Comcast tells them to do if it came down to it

          1. They’re the ones who control broadcasters now (they made the Sarge / Wheels change). It happened when they got the new TV deal.

          2. Comcast has say over the TV booth’s color commentators, not play-by-play. McCarthy’s going to be broadcasting for the Phillies until the day his fat head pops. :\

  2. Haha nice try Bitchanelli!

    Coming up next on the Afternoon Zoo with Josh and Tony…..FOOD! We talk about what kinds of food everyone likes. Also strippers. And, maybe, sports.

  3. Anyone catch that socialist Mikey Miss idea today about how the government should put a cap on how much a U.S. citizen should be able to earn. He threw out the cap number being 10 million and anyone who earns more than that should have to donate the rest towards education. Does this bozo even realize how dumb and shortsighted, let alone anti-american, this idea of his is, or is he just trolling by now? I rarely listen to the guy but got sick of the music on the radio and was quickly reminded why i hate him. He also said “i don’t quite make near the cap” because he had to let everyone else know he makes 7 figures and god forbid he would have to donate any of his earnings towards education. “this would ensure there isn’t any elitists” = pot meet kettle He then proceeded to give one of his “look within” speeches to the next caller who brought up that he hated doing jury duty tell him it’s not American if he doesn’t enjoy it. I wonder if Mikey has ever had to do jury duty. ok ill stop

    1. Mike Miss strikes me as the typical Hillary Clinton voter. They all claim that Hillary is for the “common man” despite the FACT that she has not had to driven a car in 20 years because of all of her servants.

    2. Didnt catch his show today but if those statements are true…wow mikey miss is a complete fool. Putting a cap on earnings would simply destroy the economy leading to no incentive for anybody to work or produce anything beyond a certain limit. Say your boss makes his 10 million in half a year then decided to shut down business layin off all his employees till the next year rather than pay it towards education. The employees would be out of a job for 6 months not collecting any paychecks. And doesn’t he realize more money has been spent on education than at any other time in history…education is not the answer it is part of the problem…just look at college debt. A free market and lower taxes would benefit americans much more. Carnegie and Rockefeller both never graduated high school and they did pretty well for themselves.

      1. The issue is not a forced cap. The issue is creating a consciousness where wealth , power and domination are not the primary sources of one’s value. The larger issue is how much does one person need when his fellow man starves? The great myth is anyone can get rich. Shark tank says the American dream is alive and well. No its not. That show displays one thousandth of 1 % of the entire population each year and one hundredth of 1% apply.

        Most people are not endowed with that type of originality or genius. The common American exalts the rich because they think they can do it. They can’t. So how do we address human misery when 400, again 400 people control the wealth of half the country. We are in a period of the greatest wealth inequality in our history, yet most of those at the top did not make their money through “honest labor”, (Obscene golden parachutes for corrupt Wall Street CEO’s anyone?”

        If you are a true Christian, you see that Jesus was clear on the extraordinary value of each person, not by what they produced but by the very fact of being part of life. It was a revolutionary idea. He was not against wealth, but he did not speak high of it ass the road to truth.

        Perhaps that type of message might be good for America to revisit as it appears it has not sunk in.

        How much is enough and will it buy your way into heaven?

        1. P.S,. Sorry for the typos. I am not a Christian in the usual sense so I am not Bible thumping. I am only pointing out the obvious and he is a good example. I could have used Buddha.

      1. Thursday- Sunday, 6-close. I am also scheduled to wash Mike Miss’s car this weekend depending on how things go, fingers crossed.

    1. No chance either sports station puts 2 colored guys on the same show, well at least 2 guys who talk like colored people

      1. They missed the chance, they could have put Brace with Phil from Mt Airey. Phil sounds somewhat like an old Chris Rock.

  4. This radio war was a total failure. Mike miss will be number 1 when it counts (during football season). Winning the ratings this time of year is meaningless. Neither station gets any listeners.

  5. Big Daddy Graham Show – In a Nutshell. I only work the 2AM to 5:30 shift because the Bars & Clubs I get PAID to appear at are all closed now but I can still get PAID by WIP and promote my future PAID Bar & Club appearances. Play annoying Louis Primo “When You’re Smiling” twice in its entirety within a 3 hour period so that’s 2 less comments I have to make or calls I have to take. Thanks for showing up at the Bar I was PAID to be at last night. I will be getting PAID to be at another Bar tonight. My daughter will be getting PAID to be at a different Bar tonight. Me & Conklin will be getting PAID to be at an old Movie Theater next month. I will be getting PAID to be at some other place next week. If you buck up 2 or 3 Grand I can take my entire family to Ireland for FREE. BDG – Sex Segment – My wife won’t let me do anymore PAID appearances at Strip Clubs. I know more about TV Shows, Movies and Music than you do so listen to my Thursaday 10 Best Irrelevant Music Categories Podcast on my SPONSERED Web Site. Listen to the SJ DJ that used to put my daughter on his Radio Show. Its the “Overlap Show”.

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