PSMFO64 Final Four

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What kind of expert planning led to not starting the Final Four until after the NCAA National Championship game? The committee needs to investigate. But here we are, your Final Four. Voting for the semifinals is for 24 hours. Tomorrow, championship voting.

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    1. WOW. That was soooooooo clever. It must be so hard being the cleverest man on the planet….

        1. What kinds of parties? Are they the hardcore g@y bdsm parties??? I’m fun at those parties!

    1. highlights the lack of sports media talent in philly. franzke is overrated too. he is average at best.

    1. missanelli can use the proceeds to pay for his mani & pedi and botox – what a fuggin schifoso. i can see him telling 18 year old girls about how he won this internet bracket thingy. somebody let me know when hes finally off the air so i can listen to 975 again.

  1. There is no WAY that snoozfest Franzke beats Merrill. What the fuck are you people smoking? Buncha fucking f@gs on this site…

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