PSMFO64 National Championship

Voila_Capture 2015-04-10_12-04-02_PMVoila_Capture 2015-04-10_12-04-10_PM

The bracket that will never end moves on to the championship with all the momentum of a turtle climbing around a ball pit. Mike-Scott. Vote:

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22 Responses

  1. “The bracket that will never end…”

    Because you, Kyle, keeps prolonging it. It’s a joke of a premise to begin with.

  2. Thank god Ellis lost home sick this week watched Bob got sicker that is the worst panel sport show I have ever seen why are brooks and baiker even on the show do they really think a fantasy bb contest of cast and crew is interesting who is producing this train wreck

    1. Why else do you think it’s on live TCN and delayed on CSN. They would rather show informercials that BOB. It’s a disaster of the tenth magnitude. I feel sorry for Rob, he belongs on radio.

  3. Sorry Kyle but PSMFO64 just not as interesting this year. Maybe alternate years with a PSMFO64 and a Non-Player 64. Pit head coaches, assistants, GMs, owners. Imagine a Chip, Hinkie, Hextall and Larry Bowa Final Four.

    1. don’t you understand that he is in the last round of this stupid thing and fat f*** is nowhere to be seen other than eating salads for his girlfriend to pretend like she would still stay with him if he didn’t have a job and A ability to protect my keys shock top with no originality he’s pretty stupid later

  4. Franzke is the only worthwhile thing swimming in that pile of shit known as the Phillies.

    He is gone to LA in a few years when Vin dies. Wait…. is he still alive now ?

  5. If you read the “memorable calls” section of Scott franzke’s Wikipedia, it will bring so many great memories back to life.


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