RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano and Jon Marks Will Co-host a Morning Show on 97.5 Set to Begin Next Week, Multiple Sources Say


Anthony Gargano and Jon Marks will co-host a morning show on 97.5 The Fanatic, with little-known Maureen Williams (whom I’m told used to work under WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom) doing updates, multiple sources tell me. The show is tentatively scheduled to begin next Monday, April 20, but that’s not confirmed. Jamie Lynch, Gargano’s Afternoon producer at WIP – better known as Silent Bro – will be going over to 97.5 as well.

What does a morning show, in place of Mike and Mike, mean for 97.5’s ESPN affiliation? No idea. I’d expect we’ll learn more when an announcement is made and over the next few weeks. But for the first time ever(?), WIP’s Morning Show will have local competition. Let the RADIO WARS rage on. NEED THE MAESTRO IN THE MORNINGS:

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94 Responses

    1. Finally Angelo Cataldi will no longer have a monopoly on the morning sports talk radio airwaves.I think the best part about the upcoming morning show on 97.5 the fanatic is that we won’t have to suffer through callers like Jason from the dirty 30,pig nosed big mouth Shirley and that idiot Hollis Thomas who laughs at any and everything.

      1. yea, but is avalon bryan, sammy sags, levi, marlin from west philly and the rest of the cuz fan club any better?

      2. I’m glad you brought this up. Is it just me or does Jason from the dirty 30 legitimately have an IQ of 74?

    2. I love that robot voice you can’t understand on the Innes show that ‘reads tweets’

      Brilliant radio there. They still doin that bit?

  1. Good riddance 94.1 and that shit-show! Not saying that the Cuz and Marks will be the best, but they will certainly be an upgrade over the old-timers on WIP’s morning show.

    Please, please, please change the morning show format from the standard local talk shows. Less callers is a good thing. Hardly take any calls, at all. The callers ruin the show!

  2. BREAKING: Sean Brace will be serving up the finest domestic drafts at Pitchers Pub to celebrate the new show.

  3. The fanatic is a non Union shop I believe so producers can talk on air at will.

    At wip I believe Rob charry and Howard Ruskin were the ones botching about producers being able to talk

    1. Yeah Charry had a major shitfest about it and made some of the producers join the union or don’t talk at all.

    2. What’s the story with Rob Charry? Is he a boss or something? Thought he was just a guy who produces and sometimes get’s two hours in the spotlight. Sounds like he’s running shit.

      1. Rob is the union rep at the station. He makes sure you pay your dues or you are not allowed on air. It happened once to a update person who was behind on their dues. Of course if you get fired he can’t help you, but he will take your dues before they walk you out.

  4. This show will suck, but it has to be better than WIP and that awful show in the morning. At least Gargano knows sports – He may be obnoxious and pretend he has a bunch of insiders, but at the minimum he watches games. Nobody on WIP in the morning even watches the games (except Al with hockey).
    If Gargano would just stop being a fake tool and be himself it may be worth listening to. Sadly, Marks will be screaming and constantly repeating the phone number.
    Anthony – Don’t be a tool. Just do a show and don’t pretend to be the loving uncle from south Philly. You aren’t him. You are from Jersey.

    1. still shocked people listen to non-Sirius sports radio for sports knowledge. Fanatic is talking about tax returns and WIP has a monday afternoon phillies game with Howard, Utley, Revere, Ruf and Sizemore batting below .200!

      Show has to be entertaining in the twitter/internet age, and I dont know that this one will be. Gargano would still be at WIP if his show worked…unsure that this pairing is better than Macnow or Ellis with him.

          1. Or his car is from 1996 and lacks the capabilities haha

            CUZZZ its the morning show CUZZZ

            CUZZZZ CUZZZZZ

            Lol fuckin stupid ass local sports talk. Let’s discuss if the Eagles are going to get Marcus Mariota for the next 74 hours in a row

    2. +1 on the fake Gargano shtick – its why I stopped listening to him. Can’t take the fake South Philly laugh/personality coming from a dude who never even lived there…….

  5. Already informed raider jack, jr he better hit at least a double in his baseball game Saturday so I can tell the cuz all about it on Monday 4/20

  6. the real question is whether this show will go on right at 6 or if nahigian worked out some kind of deal with ESPN to carry mike and mike 6 to 8 and then roll into this show. when 97.5 would ‘go live in the mornings’ after a big eagles game or whatever, it was rare that they went live right at 6. can only remember it happening once and i believe that was the morning that reid was fired.

    even though EVERYONE shits on sal pal, he still generates one of the most listened too quarter hours of the week for his tuesday hit. i can’t see him just freely letting that ESPN affiliation (and sal) go.

    there is definitely an angle to all of this and it’s likely to be stupid.

  7. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNING EEEEEEEEEEEEEVERY BOOOOOOOODY! Can’t wait to hear from all my boys, Mitchie Tools, Avalon Brian, Rippin’ and Tearin’, Bob means Jobs, and special inside scoops from my main man Spags! It’s gonna be awesome brotha! So cool day la to be On in the AM BO! Does Primos sell breakfast sammiches?

  8. What is that a picture of?

    Marks gets a promotion?!?

    BOB or the Cuz, show which one lasts longer?

    Surprised they would drop their ESPN show 3 weeks before the draft.

  9. finally, i can tune into local sports radio without hearing cataldi. hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for cataldi and his crew.

  10. To compete with this Phillies, they’ll be carrying my boy Little Ant’s t-ball games with Martarano and I doing commentary..

  11. Not afraid to say I won’t give this a chance….unlistenable. Marks is the worst ever and Cuz is annoying beyond belief…..

  12. Couldn’t have said it any better…Gargano is old hat as well and if his show was doing well WIP would not have let him go. They would have made him “happy” with their offer that he turned down. New talent is needed on both stations instead of the same recycled mush mouth hosts and former athletes. Hollis Thomas can’t even put a coherent sentence together.

  13. So 97.5 tortures Philly all these years with Mike&Mike (their Odd Couple act was old when they started doing it 15 years ago), and these is the best they can come up with? You think Marks wants to roll in there at 5am every morning? Mayes will be doing it within three months.

  14. See youze guys Monday!

    Then over to Primos !

    The Cuz Will be sucking up to everyone again like good old days

    First names only!
    One of the guys

  15. Marks is a lucky man getting a second chance. Granted he was screwed from the jump getting stuck with Brace (I hope they canned whoever signed off putting that moron on the air) so at least now he gets a fair shot.

  16. Anthony is a fraud through and through. His act got tired at WIP and he started mailing it in with the fake South Philly tough guy stuff and condescending know it all attitude.

    He sucked as a writer and got fleeced by some unemployed tree surgeon for a ridiculous Philly Mag article. What a disgrace he is. Bolaris deserves redemtion before this tatooed fatboy does.

    He is as much a suburbanite as there is. Never, ever lived in S.Philly for a second growing up.

  17. Will Gargano and Marks talk for hours about the Wing Bowl and have idiots perform eating stunts on the air during the football season? No…… then bring it on.

  18. Good news, i’m getting back on the air! Cabrini college was nice enough to let me get an hour of air time on Friday nights starting at 11. It’s called the Sean Brace hip hop hour.

  19. Maureen was my intern for years . I haven’t had a intern work that hard since Monica . Tell “Cuz” to have her call me.

  20. I don’t get the whole “maestro” schtick. You’re pretending to be relevant to legit media entities by playing a violin? Please explain. Looks douch-y.

      1. Yes, but I’ve never seen a character parade around his bedroom pretending to play a violin because some guy on FM radio tweeted something Maybe I missed that ep.

  21. That sniveling coward Innes crawled out of his twitter hole to crow about the ratings and intimate that Maureen Williams “earned” her job in a suspect manner. Stay classy you thin skinned hog.

    1. So what if the cuz gets to have fun times every now and then, we don’t judge. In any case it’s all sounding like a damn Lifetime TV episode, who gives a fark except maybe domestic litigation attorney Joe Cordell who is not lahcensed in yore state.

      And girlymen who tweet about alleged affairs.

    2. Innes is just jealous that his manhood can’t rise to the occasion. I tried to get a job with him but he had to pass. His little winkie was as soft as a Ryan Howard ground out.

  22. What happened to the fantastic post about the Cuz and Williams meeting in the parking lot for some lunchtime head? Kyle are you deleting quality posts???

  23. Besides the wing bowl, Cataldi and Morganti have been mailing it in for years. Morganti may be the biggest idiot I have ever heard on radio, he literally know nothing about any sport, topic or subject outside of the NHL prior to the 2005 season back when ESPN made him actually earn money reporting on it. They absolutely stink.

    But, Gargano is just so fake and impossible to listen to with the non-stop fake forced laugh and bad S. Philly accent by a guy born/raised in the South Jersey suburbs. What a Phony. At least they are all better than Mike and Mike, who continue to use and enjoy lead-in music meant for 13 year old girls and tow the ESPN line of star athlete worship in every segment. Preston and Steve at 93.3 may be old and a little tired, but still are 10x better than anything out there in the local market, and I still turn them off and listen to this other dreck half the time because I generally like sports talk. The rest of the shows are ok (Mikey Miss, Bruno, Mayes, etc.), why are we stuck with such shitty AM stuff??

  24. So when you all claim the Cuz is a fake/phony or that his shtick got old…do you mean someone who actually watches and talks about sports? Cause I hear nothing but nonsense from Innes and Angelo/Rhea’s shtick is beyond stale. I’ve seen Rhea out in person and she is as annoying as you’d think she’d be…loud and obnoxious too! Trust me when I tell you that by the end of summer Innes and Egghead will be brought back to earth by Mikey Miss

    1. How long before Mike Miss erupts and hurts someone now that he has lost his afternoon top spot less than 2 months? How is that possible? It shows how lame Gargano was and how lame he will continue to be. Zero chance he even equals the ratings Mike and Mike brought. He couldn’t succeed in afternoons, how will he win in the morning with screaming Marks and a broad whose never been on the air and is only there because Antney was banging her?

  25. Am I the only one who remembers the Michael Bradley/Glenn Foley morning show a few years back? The show sucked and it didn’t last long, but this isn’t the first time the Fanatic has had a local morning show (even if it was 950 AM back then).

    1. meredith marakovits was on the show too. i listened to this show instead of cataldi and thought it was starting to get traction before they pulled the plug for mike & mike.

  26. Can’t they just replace Mayes and Shander? I mean really is there one person who like this Eytan guy? He is absolute garbage and really thinks he’s more talented than he really is. The topics they talk about are garbage. Today was Bradford sucks because he wont sign an extension to the Browns so the eagles can trade him. Yeah that always happens. I honestly can not wait till the draft is over so we put to bed the Mariota nonsense.

  27. Yo Bo ! Don’t talk about my Bo Gargano. From one Beau to another good luck with keepin Maureen a secret Bo!

  28. What does marks have on the management of this station? How can this guy keep failing upwards? Disgraceful that this hack still has a job. No wonder this station cannot figure it out.

  29. You guys seriously need two lousy morning shows to call and gripe about the birds? Mike & Mike in the AM and Doug Gottlieb in the PM are the only shows keeping sports talk radio in Philly from being completely unlistenable.

  30. Listened to the new show this morning. BORING! Sounds like an “old-boy” club from Philly. Won’t be listening to these guys in the morning. Loved Mike and Mike, don’t like the new show AT ALL. The intelligence quota on the Morning Drive just went down, that’s for sure. Maybe Greenie whined, but he was funny and smart, and Mike G was the perfect foil for him. Today’s show…all about Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. I didn’t need to listen to that the entire way to work. I often used words, phrases from Mike and Mike to teach my classes. How am I supposed to do that now with “yeah, huh and wha?” BIG MISTAKE!

  31. I didn’t know Mark was in the miz with Cuz. I thought it was the Ant & Mo show. No matter gotta come up with some nick name for the show. Gotta avoid the obvious choices, Top & Bottom, In & out, Ying and Yang, Two bros and a Mo etc. What do you think the show should be called?

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