RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Surprises Everyone by Opening Mike Missanelli’s Show Today

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_02-13-02_PM
pic via Gargano’s Twitter

Shut it down, April Fool’s. SHUT. IT. DOWN. 97.5 wins: Anthony Gargano opened Mike Missanelli’s show today with nary – NARY – a mention of how out-of-left field this was. Here’s the audio:

Audio 97.5 The Fanatic, Greater Media

Twitter is trying to comprehend the mind-fuck:

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Today, I believe, is the day Gargano’s 90-day non-compete clause with WIP is up. I have no idea if there will be some sort of announcement coming , but I’d expect that to be the case. Gargano finished a 12-minute opening rant and simply told Jason Myrtetus, “Goodbye.” Stay tuned. THE MAESTRO HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW. NO IDEA!

UPDATE: Mike came back after the break – with his intro music – and again nary – NARY – a mention of Gargano– merely a couple of lines about how he didn’t feel like himself today. The maestro’s sources went radio silent on this one. These notes were just not on the sheet! MAESTRO FLAILING, MAESTRO FLAILING! WHO PUT TOGETHER THIS ARRANGEMENT?!

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_02-27-15_PM


UPDATE 2: I get the sense 97.5 is going to announce Gargano as a morning host some time during the drive-time hour today.

UPDATE 3: Guessed wrong. They have the maestro totally out of rhythm with this.


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    1. I am betting Andy the self proclaimed media mogul Bloom dumped out a Tony Montana sized bag of blow and has been snorting rails all day. My guess is he will be snowblind for the next 3 days in a coke haze. Which I hear is pretty normal for this scumbag.

  1. Partner them up! Down goes Innes, down goes Innes!

    I might be back to local sports radio!!!

  2. Gargano makes an appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic. Love it. I can only hope this puts an end to Innes and Bruno. Nice work Fanatic.

    1. eh, it reminds me more of the time diamond dallas page showed up in wwf…..just a guy with a tired schtik who had/will flame out in a few months

  3. Wait? Your sources failed you? So, Gargano didn’t tell Macnow he was doing this today.

    Also, Gargano still sucks.

  4. Maybe he will replace Lick&Dick in the morning (back and more shitty than ever!) on 97.5. It would give another choice.

    1. Another choice?

      Choosing between Gargano or Suck & Dope in the morning is like choosing to die by drowning or fire. And, in the end, even though Cataldi sucks, he will still win.

      Listen to either Preston and Steve or Sirius/XM.

  5. A joke is supposed to be jovial and pleasant in nature . In reality this is an anti-joke because now we will have 2 clowns polluting the airwaves instead of just 1.

    Why do the program directors keep recycling these has beens/neverwazzes. If they were good enough they would have never been fired in the first place.

    1. Gargano left WIP.

      Ellis left WIP.

      Bruno left 97.5

      They were all low-balled but they didn’t get fired.

      The only one who was technically “fired” was Missanelli on WIP way back when.

  6. I can’t wait. The Phillies will be buried before the NFL draft and the Cuz without his daily dose of Ritalin will further annoy us with his hyper Primos hoagies schtick, now on 97.5 It’s a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan my friends.

  7. goooooooooooooooood morninggg everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! instead of listening to intelligent sports talk on mike and mike you now get to hear my daddy talk about what I ate for dinner last night and how many times I shit my pants!

  8. Did he say he was frozen in time like Lou Gehrig’s head?

  9. Did I just end abruptly?

    I thought voting for Elite 8 was supposed to start yesterday.

  10. I give guys handjobs for $20 in the lap dance area…raw dog too

  11. Seriously?!? Gargano is fucking great, compared to the other assholes on WIP/97.5. Fuck all you people…no really fuck your mothers too!

    1. STOP! Marks and I are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that fake south philly clown.

  12. I enjoyed Gargano/Macnow and Gargano/Ellis on WIP. I’ll be very excited if Gargano becomes the Angelo Cataldi alternate on 97.5.

    I’m still not listening to douche canoe Mikey Miss though. I’ll ride with Bruno and Innes in the afternoon…

  13. Sounds like Jonny Marks and Bald Brace should be polishing up the ole resumes…

    1. What are you talking about Mummer…or is that Hummer? My man Brace and I are the new morning show replacing Mike & Mike.

      New 97.5 lineup
      6am-10am Jon & Sean Show
      10am-2pm Anthony Gargano
      2pm-6pm Mikey Miss

      1. Yea sure, the powers that be are going to turn the primo morning drive over to those 2 clowns? Brace still has no grasp of the English language (“dis” and “dat”?!), hes done. Marks doesnt have the chops to carry a show that long, just telling the truth.

      2. ok so what’s up with Mayes .he is the best one after mike miss.
        that’s bad to have Gargano in the morning.
        if they put a team together then let see how that sounds

  14. Did anyone notice that when Jon and Sean covered for Mike a few days ago, the lack of callers? I called in every day and got right through. When mike is on, it is pretty much busy signal every time.

    No one wants to talk to them because no one is listening. Gargano hopefully is the beginning of the end. I am hoping next for some hostility on air that perhaps will quicken the process.

  15. Gargano is just pure awful. Utterly unlistenable. He talks with that lisp as if his tongue is attached to his bottom lip.

  16. I love making references to my junk on the air, it’s such compelling radio, and doesn’t cause anyone to immediately change the station due to dry heaving or outright puking.

  17. Please put an end to Brace/Marks. A Gargano/Harry Mayes would at least be more bearable than Mike and Ike. Unfortunately Shandler will be collateral damage but if it rids us of Brace/Marks then go for it…

    1. I completely agree.

      They have to be the odd men out regardless of the change, right?

  18. I hope gargling gargano gets a time slot and strictly goes after innes daily like fatboy does to mikey miss. That’s the only way gargano is gonna get ratings . He’s got to stoop down to the scumbag level of the fat kid and just #incinerateinnes so bad the jilly goes back to black ….black dog sexing that is , she sexes dogs . And philly sports talk can rule the world again , not 80s chick flick talk .

  19. Yes, it was time to shitcan Gargano and MacNow …BUT to introduce J. Innes into this sports town by Andy Friggin Bloom is the ultimate horror show. These three need to be GONE from Philly radio …and for different reasons. Glen is happy picking up Bloom’s radio scraps, here and there, but it’s time, Mac… move on, man. Gargano, nothing has changed. Still the stupid and way old S. Philly schtick. And Innes, PLEEEZE, enough already.

  20. The experiment Tom Bigby launched when he put Wwa shington Township product, Gargano, on the air, went painfully too long. He had no business on the air. The guy has some sort of linguistic or speech disorder that causes him to babble and speak in nonsense words.

  21. I saw a sweaty fat chick greasing up her car door frame with melted butter so that she could fit. I approached her to see if she needed some assistance. To my bewildering surprise, she had facial hair covering her six double chins. In hindsight, I must not have noticed because her crusty FUPA was hanging out of her ketchup and mustard stained Living XXL t-shirt. But I digress. Upon discovering this adult version of Honey Boo Boo was indeed a male, I turned to flee the scene but was drawn back out of sympathy because his crevices of fat still weren’t fitting into the car. As I layered his sheets of fat on top of one another as a baker would to gobs of dough and was finally able to shut the door, this pathetic chub managed to roll his window down and, under labored breath, said “Thanks. I’m Josh.” As this painfully awkward encounter was taking place, I noticed a collection of sadness in the form of empty hot dog trays and bagel melt wrappers from Wawa lining the floor of Josh’ s backseat. As a concerned fellow citizen I had to ask this disheveled lump of goo “Josh, why do you do this to yourself.” Josh began to sob in a manner that could have triggered a fire alarm and, through his fatty tears explained, “You wouldn’t understand.” I retorted, “Try me.” He said, “Nobody likes me because I’m so fat and annoying and I smell like hot ass. And some guy named Mike Missanelli fucks me everyday for four straight hours and it makes me sad so I go to all the nursing homes and sobriety clinics and lie to them and tell them I’m the one beating him. And I go to sleep every night knowing I’m a fat cowardly liar that no one will ever like and the only way I can feel better about myself is to eat more and to tell lies about myself.” Thus, the sad story of Josh.

    1. This is all true. I was there and can vouch for it. The smell was overwhelming

  22. Gargano does mornings and eventually takes over the afternoon slot in 3-4 years.

  23. Josh has far more talent than any name aforementioned in this article or its comments.

  24. So Innes and Bruno, who I thought I would like, supposedly won the crucial demographics. Anyone else notice the WIP app works for Angelo’s show and then for Mike and Ike but shuts off everyday when they come on? I can only think it’s to drive more listeners back to the radio and inflate their numbers. Meanwhile, you can still stream Mikey Miss.

    1. You can’t possibly be dumb enough to think that sweet tits Ennis and Tony “The More Your Hear him, the Less you wanna hear him” Bruno is winning ratings demographics, right? That show? Hahahaha. Philly people are smarter than that, right?

  25. Gargano sucks… I wish Glenn would join him at 97.5 because they are horrible

  26. Great. Gargano is coming back. I can’t wait to hear about all his GM friends and Spags. I love when he pretends he is a real insider. Maybe if he is on the same station as Missanelli, we can have two guys that can’t keep friends issue “violations”. I really enjoy when losers call up and ask if something is a violation. That is “classic”. Mike and Anthony have the sme boring “shtick”.

    Why does Bruno argue with himself? Why can’t he follow a conversation? He has worse ADD than Eskin.

    This town deserves better.

    Can’t wait for Mike and Ant to have a conversation where they call each other Bo.

    John and Sean – enough said.

    All that said- Cataldi is the worst.

    Maybe I can be as progressive as Mike and listen to Alt.

  27. kyle can’t believe you did not rip douche bag sal pal getting schooled by kelly last week, “i hung up soon as the producer answered,” too funny, anyway, i think everyone gets tired of these d bags then when they go off the air , we somehow miss them, i enjoy glenn now that he is only on a couple times a week, does he live in elkins park with the rest of the heebs?

  28. choices this morning

    wip: guest bernie parent i actually wanted to hear, but could not tolerate angelo’s fake laugh and moronganti gushing like a teenage girl.

    97.5: mike & mike talking about what their wives were tweeting.

    so, i selected siriusxm as usual.

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