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pic via Gargano’s Twitter

Shut it down, April Fool’s. SHUT. IT. DOWN. 97.5 wins: Anthony Gargano opened Mike Missanelli’s show today with nary – NARY – a mention of how out-of-left field this was. Here’s the audio:

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Audio 97.5 The Fanatic, Greater Media

Twitter is trying to comprehend the mind-fuck:

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Today, I believe, is the day Gargano’s 90-day non-compete clause with WIP is up. I have no idea if there will be some sort of announcement coming , but I’d expect that to be the case. Gargano finished a 12-minute opening rant and simply told Jason Myrtetus, “Goodbye.” Stay tuned. THE MAESTRO HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW. NO IDEA!

UPDATE: Mike came back after the break – with his intro music – and again nary – NARY – a mention of Gargano– merely a couple of lines about how he didn’t feel like himself today. The maestro’s sources went radio silent on this one. These notes were just not on the sheet! MAESTRO FLAILING, MAESTRO FLAILING! WHO PUT TOGETHER THIS ARRANGEMENT?!

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UPDATE 2: I get the sense 97.5 is going to announce Gargano as a morning host some time during the drive-time hour today.

UPDATE 3: Guessed wrong. They have the maestro totally out of rhythm with this.