Jeff Blumenthal with the scoop for the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Matt Nahagian, program director for 97.5, could not be immediately reached for comment. But a source said that The Fanatic, owned by Boston-based Greater Media, will keep its contract with ESPN. That means that the station can use ESPN programming while agreeing to run the sports conglomerate’s commercials. The Fanatic also retains exclusive local rights to use ESPN personalities such as Jayson Stark, Ron Jaworski, Sal Paolantonio and Adam Caplan.

I’m… kind of surprised they pulled this off. Sal Pal’s weekly melodramatic rumor mongering is supposedly their highest-rated 15-minute segment of the week (says a lot about society, really), so this is a win for 97.5. ESPN didn’t exactly have a lot of leverage if they wanted to keep their presence in the market.