Report: 97.5 Will Keep It’s ESPN Affiliation Despite Dropping “Mike and Mike”

Jeff Blumenthal with the scoop for the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Matt Nahagian, program director for 97.5, could not be immediately reached for comment. But a source said that The Fanatic, owned by Boston-based Greater Media, will keep its contract with ESPN. That means that the station can use ESPN programming while agreeing to run the sports conglomerate’s commercials. The Fanatic also retains exclusive local rights to use ESPN personalities such as Jayson Stark, Ron Jaworski, Sal Paolantonio and Adam Caplan.

I’m… kind of surprised they pulled this off. Sal Pal’s weekly melodramatic rumor mongering is supposedly their highest-rated 15-minute segment of the week (says a lot about society, really), so this is a win for 97.5. ESPN didn’t exactly have a lot of leverage if they wanted to keep their presence in the market.

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24 Responses

  1. How’s that Intern search coming along?

    Can you find one that will actually post meaningful stuff?

  2. Although I think the cuz is a total douche, he’ll draw many preprogrammed radio listeners away from Angelo. The best thing about a free market capitalist economy is freedom of choice. Morning sports talk radio listeners never had a choice, now we do.

  3. I really don’t get your hatred of Sal Pal. Unlike say Eskin, Sal is up these NFL guys butts all day long, so at least he’s “tapped in” to what’s being said around the league. Is all of your anger over his stupid “Do the Deal” stuff? Angry because he beat you to the shirts?

  4. Kinda confirms how gay my audience is.

    The top rated segment is me sucking off Sal Pal for 15 minutes? Not that I don’t enjoy it…

    1. You think you suck off guests? Wait until you get a load of my show.

      Sounds like your audience will LOVE my show.

  5. At least my drive to work will be a little better! Don’t have to hear Krusty the Klown and his posse or the Chicago/NY based cum shots

  6. ALL OF THE RADIO SHOWS YOU SPEAK OF ARE NOT WORTH HEARING. Please just let Philly sports radio die as it should.

  7. This is an outrage! Is there no room in this town for a handsome, well spoken, educated sports analyst to share his thoughts on radio?

  8. At least that jack-off Greenberg will be off the air. The most annoying radio person on the air (yes, more than Brace). I will not miss his discussion s about his God damn salads or CC’s moist hands or his trying to be hip by liking Pitbull (Pitbull?). Fuck that little never-shut-up bitch.

  9. Wonder if 975 will allow callers to bitch about how much they hate the new amateur hour show and miss Mike and Mike. Gargano even makes the few remaining goombas in South Philly squirm with his fake home-boy act. He and Marks have zero chance of meshing and I hear the “news” chick has never spent a second on radio. A guy who failed to beat Missanelli in afternoons for a year is somehow going to compete with Angelo, Preston and Steve, DeBella, KYW and the Urban stations in the most competitive time slot in radio. WIP has unloaded a lot of deadweight the last year, but 975 has been panic stricken since they got rid of Bruno last summer. Jon and Sean: GONE, Nick Kayal :BAILS, Joe DeCamera: demoted from asst PD, settles for a night show. Harry Mayes: fighting for airtime with annoying EytanShander. Expect 975 to load up the weekends with ESPN shows to make up for the Mike and Mike dump. Poor Phil from Mt Airy and the other marginal talents will now have no place to ply their crap. Which fails faster? Gargano AM show or BOB?


    1. What you really want to say is “hey Cuz!!!!! I have AIDS and six weeks to live, wanna meet up and give each other hot Carl’s?????”

  11. Shhhh. Stop bothering me. I’m currently writing up my questions for Howard. Tune in at 8:30 to hear me

  12. Chalk up another wrong report. ESPN has moved lock, stock and barrel to 610. Gone is Jim Rome’s show, and right before the annual Smackoff contest! How’s the dumb, dopey douche that pulled off THAT move on 610?

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